2010 Conference Presentations


Carol Clarke & Barbara Crumb - Healing Through Expression

Christina Pratt - Radical Community Integration

Dan Abreu - Addressing Re-entry Issues for People with Psychiatric Disabilities Leaving Prison

Darby Penney and Cathy Cave - Peer Engagement Guide for Women Trauma Survivors

Diane Grieder - Person-Centered Planning: The Top Ten Implementation Issues

Fran Geene - The Top Ten Flirting Tips of all Time

Jack Guastaferro - Recovery Center Development

Jennifer Tripp and Erme C. Maula - CRIF: Self Directed Care, Delaware County, PA

Jody Silver - The Mind Your Health Peer Coaching Programs 1 & 2

John Catalino - Becoming Client Directed and Outcome Informed

John Challis - Integrating Mental Health and Addiction Recovery into our Lives and Systems

John Jost, Stacy Matuza, Aaron Levitt - Informed Tenant Choice of Case Manager in Supportive Housing

John Rybaltowski - Best Practices: Board Governance & Executive Compensation in Non-Profit Mental Hygiene Agencies

Kiki Garg, Julie Pirog, Don Bishop, David Cottrell, & John Gardner - New Perspectives in Supported Education

Lauren Gates, and James M. Mandiberg - Who Controls Disclosure at Work for Peer Providers?

Leonard Liguori - Person Centered Approach to Independent Living

Lorraine McMullin - Supporting Parents with Psychiatric Disabilities

Luis O. Lopez - P.R.E.P.A.R.E. year 2: A look at a Peer Counseling Training Program in Services for the Underserved

Magaly Polo - Culture and Clinical Care for Haitians During Time of Crisis, January 12, 2010 Earthquake

Malena Albo - Releasing the Genie from the Bottle: Effectively Engaging Communities of Color - PART 1

Malena Albo - Releasing the Genie from the Bottle: Effectively Engaging Communities of Color - PART 2

Mira Bowin - New York Makes Work Pay: Developing a path to employment for New Yorkers with disabilities

Nathan Arnold - Ticket to Work & Work Incentives - Understanding the Ticket: What's in It for Me?

Neil Harbus - Making Work Possible for the Reluctant Person

Neville B. Morris - Resilience, The Art of Bouncing Back

Paul Margolies, Carlos Jackson, Nancy Covell, Dan Herman - Center for Practice Innovations Brings Best Practices to NYS: Focus on Integrated Treatment (FIT) and ACT Institute

Paul Margolies, Carlos Jackson,Raymond Gregory, Anthong Salerno - Center for Practice Innovations Brings Best Practices to NYS: IPS Model of Supported Employment and Wellness Self-Management (WSM)

Peggy Swarbrick - Putting Wellness into Action!

Peter Ashenden - The Next Step to Sustainability: Expanding Our Family / Consumer Run Organization's Impact By Joining A Managed Care Organization Network

Robert Myers - Mental Health Clinic Restructuring Update

Rosemarie Sultana-Cordero - Diabetes Co-Morbidity Initiative (DCI)

Saya Krebs, Deb Wasilchak, Martin Baiada - Development of Consumer Leadership

Steve Miccio - PEOPLE, Inc: Where Recovery is the Expectation and Hope greets you at the Door

Tanya Stevens, Elizabeth R. Stone, Coleen Mimnagh - This is Our Time! Taking Peer Wellness Coaching to New Groups and New Partners