8th Annual Executive Seminar on Systems Transformation

On March 29-30, 2012, the NYAPRS' Collective sponsored our 8th Annual Executive Seminar on System Transformation entitled “The Change of a Lifetime” at The Hotel Albany to an audience of 300 provider and peer leaders, state officials and managed and health care professionals.

Please see below for presentation materials from this highly lauded, timely review of efforts to promote recovery, wellness and community inclusion for all in the emerging health care and budget reform environments.


March 29th - Opening Remarks

Harvey Rosenthal, Executive Director, NYAPRS, Albany, NY

Edye Schwartz, DSW, LCSW-R, Director of Systems Transformation Initiatives, NYAPRS, Mahopac, NY


Change of A Lifetime: National Trends in Healthcare Reform - Ballrooms A & B


John O’Brien, Senior Advisor, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Baltimore, MD

Ron Manderscheid, Executive Director, National Association of County Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Directors, Washington, DC

Chuck Ingoglia, MSW, Senior Vice President of Policy & Practice Improvement, The National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare, Washington,DC


Kicking off the Seminar will be this far-ranging discussion of the impact of national healthcare reform on NYS developments by some of our most informed, well-positioned leaders, including former SAMHSA Senior Advisor for Health Care Financing O’Brien, Whole Health Campaign leader Manderscheid and Washington insider Ingoglia. There’ll be lots of time for audience questions and comments.


The Direction of Changes in New York State - Ballrooms A & B


Michael Hogan, PhD, Commissioner, NYS Office of Mental Health, Albany, NY

Courtney Burke, Commissioner, NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities; Chair, Most Integrated Setting Coordinating Council, Albany, NY

Jason Helgerson, NYS Medicaid Director; Deputy Commissioner, Office of Health Insurance Programs; Executive Director, NYS Medicaid Redesign Team, Albany, NY


Governor Cuomo has committed his Administration to an accelerated timetable to implement healthcare and Olmstead policy reforms over the coming year. Hear the latest details from our Medicaid Director and Chair of the state’s Most Integrated Setting Coordinating Council and the expected impact on our community from our Mental Health Commissioner.


Change of a Lifetime: Update on Health Homes Implementation -

Ballrooms A & B


Greg Allen, MSW, Director, Program Development & Management, NYS Department of Health, Albany, NY

Robert Myers, PhD, Senior Deputy Commissioner, Director of Adult Services, NYS Office of Mental Health, Albany, NY

Jonas Waizer, PhD, Chief Operating Officer, F.E.G.S. Health and Human Services Systems, New York, NY

David Cohen, MD, Vice Chair Medicine/Executive VP of Clinical Integration & Affiliation, Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY

Moderator: Edye Schwartz, DSW, LCSW-R, Director of Systems Transformation Initiatives, NYAPRS, Mahopac, NY


Phase I Health Homes have been awarded and preparations are currently underway for the first eligible participants to be assigned. Greg Allen and Robert Myers will update us on the latest implementation timelines while our other two panelists, Health Home leads, will share how their preparations are taking shape and how they are planning to provide quality recovery based services under this new model.


Mergers & Strategic Alliances - Ballrooms D & E


Alan M. Weinstock, MPA, MS, President & CEO, PSCH, Inc, Flushing, NY

Dorothy S. Cucinelli, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Equinox, Inc., Albany, NY

Doug Hovey, Executive Director, Independent Living, Inc., Newburgh, NY

George Hoehmann, Executive Director, Rockland Independent Living Center, New City, NY

Moderator: Edye Schwartz, DSW, LCSW-R, Director of Systems Transformation Initiatives, NYAPRS, Mahopac, NY


We all know that the healthcare delivery system is radically changing and that community agencies must change as well to keep pace. This change of a lifetime has required nonprofit agencies to explore new ways of organizing and presenting themselves. As we strive to integrate services, we also find ourselves looking for new partnerships that can result in creative and innovative solutions to funding cuts, capitated payments and the need for more robust and business oriented infrastructure. This panel will present some innovative new partnerships that are beginning to emerge to respond to the increasing demands of health care delivery.


Raising the Bar for Employment - Capital Room


John B. Allen, Jr., Special Assistant to the Commissioner, NYS Office of Mental Health, Albany, NY

Karen Coleman, Acting Deputy Commissioner, Workforce Development, NYS Department of Labor, Albany, NY

Chacku Mathai, CPRP, Associate Executive Director, NYAPRS, Rochester, NY


In recent years, NYS has used a Medicaid Infrastructure Grant and new partnerships between state disability agencies and the Department of Labor to move towards creating a comprehensive employment system that will provide all New Yorkers - regardless of their (dis)ability - with a single point to access all employment-related services and supports. Added to Governor Cuomo’s commitment to a data-driven Olmstead plan to serve New Yorkers with disabilities in the most integrated setting and an emerging new agreement with SSA to boost the Ticket-to-Work program, New York is on a fast track to help New Yorkers with disabilities to get back to work! The presenters will describe how all these pieces fit together to raise the bar on employment in New York.


Peer Services: Balancing Increased Demand and Integrity - Ballroom C


Steve Miccio, Executive Director, PEOPLe, Inc., Poughkeepsie, NY

Isaac Brown, President/CEO, Baltic Street AEH Inc., Brooklyn, NY

Maura Kelly, CPRP, Director, Mental Health Peer Connection, Western NY Independent Living, Buffalo, NY

Joseph Woodward, CASAC, Executive Director, Housing Options Made Easy, Gowanda, NY

Tanya Stevens, MA, Director for Peer Services, NYAPRS, Albany, NY


With the development of a sophisticated array of service innovations whose impressive results have gained prominent recognition by state officials, managed care and provider organizations, peer services’ time has come! The presenters will describe the latest advances in peer-run wellness, housing, employment; bridger and crisis support services and explore strategies that expand their availability while maintaining their integrity and fidelity to the principles of intentional peer support.


March 30th - Opening Remarks


Harvey Rosenthal, Executive Director, NYAPRS, Albany, NY

Edye Schwartz, DSW, LCSW-R, Director of Systems Transformation Initiatives, NYAPRS, Mahopac, NY


State Plan Waivers & Options - Ballrooms A & B


Bruce Feig, Consultant, Albany, NY

Bruce Darling, Executive Director, Center for Disability Rights, Inc., Rochester, NY Bruce Darling FAQ

Harvey Rosenthal, Executive Director, NYAPRS, Albany, NY


The presenters will offer details and an update on efforts to gain federal approval for state healthcare reform changes in ‘the super waiver’ and to implement or adopt new state Medicaid Community First Choice and Home and Community-based Services options.


Managing Outcomes & Efficiencies: The Emerging Role of BHOs - Ballrooms

A & B

James Gavin, President, Community Care Behavioral Health, Pittsburgh, PA

Anne McCabe, SVP-Public Sector Solutions, Magellan Health Services, Avon, CT

Bill Fishbein, PhD, MBA, Executive Director, NYC BHO Program, OptumHealth, New York, NY

Richard Sheola, President, Public Sector Division, ValueOptions, New York, NY

Adele Gregory Gorges, Executive Director, The New York Care Coordination Program, Inc., Rochester, NY

Moderator: Harvey Rosenthal, Executive Director, NYAPRS, Albany, NY


January marked the launching of the OMH-OASAS regional Behavioral Health Organization (BHO) initiative, which is aimed at improving hospital to community discharge planning and follow up efforts for ‘high needs’ individuals. The presenters will share their findings and experience in implementing systemic improvements, share their hopes and expectations about next year’s move to a fully capitated environment.


Mobilizing the System to Help Individuals Experiencing First Psychosis - Ballrooms D & E


Lisa Dixon, MD, MPH, Psychiatrist, New York State Psychiatric Institute, New York, NY

Discussants: Peter Stastny, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, NY

Pablo Sadler, MD, Mental Health Medical Director, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, New York, NY


Hear the details about the New York State Office of Mental Health’s new initiative to help those experiencing a first episode of psychosis with more hopeful, individualized support from its new director.


Managed Care for Behavioral Health: What Lies Ahead - Ballrooms A & B


Maura Bluestone, President and CEO, Affinity Health Plan, Inc., Bronx, NY

Christopher Wang, MD, MPH, Medical Director, Vice President, Clinic Services & Behavioral Health, Fidelis Care New York, Rego Park, NY

Pat Celli, CEO, United Healthcare Community & State, New York, NY

Laura Scoones, MBA, Director, Provider Reimbursement and Regulatory Compliance, HealthNow New York Inc., d/b/a BlueShield of NENY and BlueCross BlueShield of Western NY, Albany, NY

Moderator: Harvey Rosenthal, Executive Director, NYAPRS, Albany, NY


The presenters will describe health plans’ current experience in serving Medicaid beneficiaries with major mental health, substance use and medical conditions and share their thoughts about how plans are preparing for next year’s move to full capitation.


Where Does Cultural Competence Fit in the Transformation of Care? - Ballrooms D & E


Emy Murphy, Chief Diversity Officer, NYS OMH Division of Diversity Management, Albany, NY

Elatisha Kirnon, Acting Director, NYS OMH Bureau of Cultural Competence, Albany, NY

Chacku Mathai, CPRP, Associate Executive Director, NYAPRS, Rochester, NY

In this changing climate it is most important that we recognize that providing culturally competent services is essential to closing disparity gaps in service for ethnic minorities and other under-represented targeted groups. This workshop will assist attendees in understanding that cultural competence is a business model that must be reflected in your policies, procedures and service delivery in a strategic manner.


Increased Roles for Supported Housing - Capital Room


Antonia Lasicki, JD, Executive Director, Association for Community Living, Clifton Park, NY

Ted Houghton, Executive Director, Supportive Housing Network of NY, New York, NY

Joe Woodward, CASAC, Executive Director, Housing Options Made Easy, Inc., Gowanda, NY

Geoff Lieberman, Executive Director, Coalition of Institutionalized & Aged Disabled (CIAD), New York, NY

Moderator: Steve Coe, Executive Director, Community Access, New York, NY


The evidence is clear that helping people with disabilities to find and keep stable affordable housing is critical to improving their health and reducing their need for Medicaid hospital and emergency services. This panel will provide information and insights on how new state MRT and budget housing initiatives will expand access to supported housing across New York.


Transforming Current Program Models for Managed Care - Ballrooms D & E


Deborah Donahue, Executive Director, Onondaga Case Management Services, Syracuse, NY

Amy Kohn, DSW, Chief Executive Officer, MHA Westchester, White Plains, NY

Joyce Wale, Senior Assistant Vice President, NY City Health & Hospitals Corporation, Office of Behavioral Health, New York, NY

Moderator: Edye Schwartz, DSW, LCSW-R, Director of Systems Transformation Initiatives, NYAPRS, Mahopac, NY


Next year’s move to an integrated, fully capitated Medicaid managed care system will move us to a focus on outcomes rather than process and regulation-based restrictions that may well allow greater flexibility and creativity. The presenters will share details about the efforts they’re undertaking to prepare their services, staff, agencies and the new strategic alliances they’re forging along the way to the move to managed care.


Ensuring and Expanding Rights Protections - Ballroom C


Valerie J. Bogart, Esq., Director, Selfhelp Community Services, Inc. - Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program, New York, NY ValerieBogartNYAPRS_Appendix

Trilby deJung, Esq., Senior Health Law, Empire Justice Center, Rochester, NY

Shena Elrington, Esq., Director, Health Justice, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, New York, NY

Harvey Rosenthal, Executive Director, NYAPRS Albany, NY


Concerns continue to be raised on how well informed and prepared New York’s Medicaid beneficiaries will be to adapt to the program’s sweeping changes, along with how responsive the State and managed care organizations will be to beneficiary choice, self-directed care and the pursuit of grievances and appeals. The presenters will share their hopes and concerns in order to recommend the necessary steps to raise the bar for rights’ protection in the coming years.