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Harvey Rosenthal, Executive Director bio

Harvey Rosenthal has 40 years of experience working to promote public mental health policies and services that advance the recovery, rehabilitation, rights and full community inclusion of individuals with psychiatric disabilities and/or diagnoses.


His advocacy has helped to transform state and national mental health systems, increase access to community based housing, employment and support services and to advance numerous recovery and criminal justice related mental health reforms.


He has helped create several nationally acclaimed and replicated self-help, employment and transformational training innovations.


Harvey has also worked to fight stigma, discrimination and human rights violations and to expand informed choice protections and cultural competence. His expertise is regularly sought by state and national print, radio and television reporters.


Harvey currently serves as a member of New York’s Medicaid Redesign Team and its Most Integrated Settings Coordinating Council and sits on the board of the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law.


His work has been frequently been recognized by numerous NYS and national groups, including the highest honors from Mental Health America, ACMHA: The College for Behavioral Health Leadership, the US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and the National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery.


Harvey's interest in promoting mental health recovery is personal, dating back to his own hospitalization at age 19.


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Administrative Division:

Amanda Huntington, Director of Operations

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Briana Gilmore, Director of Public Policy

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William Ryan, Member and Events Coordinator

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Tara Davis, Senior Administrative Assistant

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Mary McLaughlin, Administrative Assistant bio

Mary joined NYAPRS in 1997 after managing her own business "Be Creative & Print" for several years. Mary has a wealth of experience in commercial printing, desktop publishing and office management. She enjoys working on the annual conference and having the opportunity to see the people from around New York State and the country. She is the NYAPRS "font of knowledge" and fields requests and questions with equanimity. Mary resides in Delanson, NY and is a member of the Planning Board of the Village of Delanson.

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Finance Division:

Mark Denley, Jr., Director of Finance

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Nicolette Sitterly, Staff Accountant

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Community & Economic Development Division:

Len Statham, Employment Specialist


Peer Services Division:

Tanya Stevens, Director, Peer Services bio

Tanya has worked for NYAPRS since February, 2004.  Tanya came to NYAPRS to manage the OMH Peer Bridger project which in its 20 years has helped thousands of individuals leave state psychiatric centers and served thousands more through a set of ongoing mutual support meetings.

Tanya currently serves as the Director of the Peer Services Division at NYAPRS.  During her tenure in this position, Tanya has implemented several new direct care programs, including two partnerships between NYAPRS and managed care companies that serve high-risk Medicaid recipients in the NYC area.

Tanya has trained extensively throughout New York State and the nation on implementing Peer Bridger models, competencies of peer support providers and specialty areas like Veteran and forensic peer models. Tanya is also currently working with OMH and peer leaders across New York on developing the first ever NYS Peer Specialist certification.

Prior to joining NYAPRS, Tanya served as the Director of the Women, Co-occurring Disorders and Violence Study at Policy Research Associates. This project was the first federally funded outcome study of its size to implement and evaluate trauma services for women who had been in and out of both the mental health and substance abuse service systems. The goal of this study was to integrate services in an attempt to treat and address trauma and keep people out of services. One of the key components of this study was the integration of consumer/survivor/recovering women in all aspects of project design and implementation. Tanya oversaw the national advisory board and developed key trainings for and by survivors to better the goal of this program.

Tanya’s work in both mental health and trauma are personal as she is a survivor of childhood abuse and the public mental health system.

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Jose Villanueva, Coordinator, Peer Services bio

Jose Villanueva is a Bilingual (English/Spanish) Hispanic Puerto Rican, born in New York, NY, and has a background in community and human services with firsthand experience in a wide variety of roles which include consumer advocate, Prevention Intervention Outreach Specialist, Medical Case Manager for individuals throughout the New York City area residing in Single Room Occupancy hotels and living with HIV/AIDS, Chronic Mental Illness, Chemical Dependency, and Homelessness. Jose has provided education and training in a host of harm and risk reduction models to these communities, and has also volunteered as a community assistant with New York City Housing Authority providing counseling in civic and tenement rights specifically focused on Senior Citizens with Disabilities and other special needs. He continued moving forward in his quest to continue providing services for the mental health and substance abuse community by becoming a Credentialed Alcohol Substance Abuse Trainee through the New York State Department of OASAS (Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services) and worked as a Clinical Chemical Dependency Counselor for various agencies in the Capital District area of New York State.  Jose currently works at the capacity of Peer Services Coordinator with NYAPRS and provides administrative and programmatic support for various projects under the Peer Services Division, specifically as it relates to OMH programs and respective staff members.

Jose’s personal experiences with the mental health, substance abuse, and NYS correctional systems, inspired him to triumph through his experiences and assist others with such experiences to become motivated in their recovery process and continue to strive for positive changes in their lives.


Coleen Mimnagh, Peer Support Specialist bio

Coleen Mimnagh has been working for NYAPRS since 2003. She has worked on the Queens OMH Bridger team as the Peer Support Specialist, as well as a Peer Bridger, helping peers transition from Creedmoor Psychiatric Hospital back into the community. She also worked with the CIDP (Chronic Illness Demonstration Project) as a Peer Wellness Coach, a pilot program with OPTUM that she has been a part of for 3 years. She attended Rutgers University (formerly UMDNJ) in 2009 and is a certified Peer Wellness Coach. She is now the Downstate Peer Support Specialist for NYAPRS and works on a NYAPRS Bridger project in NYC, and in Suffolk and Nassau counties with OptumHealth. Coleen also has been able to maintain her own recovery from mental illness and substance abuse for many years. She is a mother of two and a community activist. She is a dedicated worker with a lot of energy and loves helping peers in their recovery. She loves to share her experience with others, and feels that nothing is impossible if we just have faith and believe in ourselves.


Services Transformation Division:

Edythe Schwartz, Director


Ruth Con-Wagner, Senior Projects Coordinator


Colleen Sheehan, Training and Technical Assistance Facilitator bio

Colleen lives and works to promote the paradigm shift to recovery oriented trauma informed services, true community inclusion and valued roles for every person. She began working for NYAPRS in 2004, received her CPRP credential in 2005, and is a Person Centered Practices Qualified Trainer through the WNYCCP. Colleen is currently participating as a consultant for the SAMSHA Positive Alternatives to Restraint and Seclusion grant (PARS) in the Buffalo, NY area and works with Project Connect, a partnership of NYS Office of Mental Health, Division of Forensic Services and NYS Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives and NYAPRS. Colleen has a passion for learning and growing to increase resources, skills and abilities by attending and presenting at local and national conferences and workshops. Colleen's road to recovery began in Southern California where she learned how to type and operate a computer as part of a program that supported people with disabilities to get job-focused training so they can immediately go back to work in a high demand employment area. Upon arriving in Buffalo, NY, where she moved to be near her young daughter, Colleen worked as a founding member of the Recipient Associate Managers (RAMs) of Buffalo Psychiatric Center and served on the executive committee working closely with professional advisors. The RAMs' mission is to bring the peer voice to the table at all levels of an organization including the administrative. She quickly got involved with the Erie County Partnership, NYS-OMH Recipient Advisory Committee (RAC), CARE Inc, and Healthy Alternatives in the Healing Arts- Colleen is also a Certified Laughter Leader. As a RAM she also helped pioneer a peer run, focus group survey business called RESPECT, Inc, serving on the board of directors and leading focus groups. After a year of stipend, part time work; Colleen went on to add full time work as the first Peer Case Manager for Lakeshore Behavioral Health in Buffalo, NY (5 years) to her increasingly busy schedule. As a Peer CM Colleen's life path of living an alternative life style armed her with knowledge and skills one learns effectively through lived experience. Colleen is proud to be able to work with you and your agency as a consultant to assist and support you to transform your programs.


Michael Dorr, Training and Technical Assistance Facilitator

Larry Hochwald, Training and Technical Assistance Facilitator