NYAPRS / UPenn Collaborative Release Community Integration and Recovery Presentations

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

NYAPRS Note: The following is being jointly released today by NYAPRS and our partners at the University of Pennsylvania Collaborative on Community Integration providing a compendium of timely presentations on service transformation, integrated care and community integration that were presented at this past April’s NYAPRS Executive Seminar.

NYAPRS is finalizing details for next April’s Albany Executive Seminar and will be putting up a save the date and early bird registration materials next week.

Now Available!! Proceedings From A Seminar On Systems Transformation: A Life In The Community

The New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (NYAPRS) and The University of Pennsylvania Collaborative on Community Integration have joined forces to bring to you a compilation of presentations focused on the promotion of community integration and full social inclusion of persons in recovery. These presentations are from the NYAPRS 5th Annual Executive Seminar on Systems Transformation, held on April 23 - 24, 2009 in Albany, New York.

The Proceedings includes an introduction to the topic followed by the seminar agenda and Workshop PowerPoint presentations, without modifications and with full credit. This groundbreaking seminar focused on promoting "A Life in the Community" and included three critical themes:

- Service Transformation - featured perspectives from national and state leaders on transformative program design and financing for psychiatric emergency services, clinics, continuing day treatment programs and Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS).

- Integrated Care - innovative practices and systems integration initiatives addressing issues including integrating service systems and efforts to overcome state agency barriers to promoting a life in the community for all people with disabilities.

- Community Integration - presentations from national and state leading experts in statewide and local systems transformation toward increasing employment, economic integration, home-ownership, education and parenting outcomes for people with psychiatric disabilities.

We believe that the Proceedings will assist all of us in extending our efforts to promote individualized and integrated person-centered support to help people with psychiatric disabilities achieve their life goals. It is our hope that the Proceedings will draw attention to the groundbreaking work that each of the seminar presenters are doing, as well as the importance of promoting community integration and the full social inclusion of persons in recovery. The resulting PDF document is now available at no cost on the NYAPRS (www.nyaprs.org and UPenn Collaborative (www.upennrrtc.org) websites. To download this document visit: http://www.nyaprs.org/PDF/NYAPRS%20Proceedings%20Document_FINAL_11.30.09.pdf)  or http://www.upennrrtc.org/resources/view.php?tool_id=224.

The compendium includes the following presentations:

Track 1: Service Transformation

A Life in the Community: An Emerging Vision Envisioning a Life Beyond Services
• John B. Allen, Jr. – Envisioning a Life Beyond Services

Federal Medicaid Incentives for Recovery: An Update
• Michael Cutler – New Medicaid State Plan Options

Innovations in Self?Directed Services
• Vidhya Alakeson – Self?direction in Mental Health: What’s the current state of play?
• Richard H. Dougherty – Implementation of Self?Directed Care Initiatives

Outpatient Clinic and Ambulatory Services Restructuring: An Update
• Gary Weiskopf – Clinic Restructuring

Transforming Psychiatric Emergency Services
• Matt Canuteson – Transforming Psychiatric Emergency Services

Track 2: Integrated Care

Initiatives to Integrate Criminal Justice and Mental Health Services
• Valerie Chakedis, EdD; Lori Schatzel, MSW; Wendy Vogel, MPA; Bernard Wilson

Launching the NYS Center for Excellence the Integration of Care (CEIC)
• JoAnn Y Sacks, Ph.D.; Stanley Sacks, Ph.D.; Mathew Mathai

Emerging Models of Integrated Health and Behavioral Health Care
• Arthur Puff, MD – New York Chronic Illness Demonstration Project (NYCIDP)
• Andrew Cleek, Psy.D – NYC & Long Island CIDP Projects
• Jody Silver & Marlene Reil, Ph.D. – Integrating Health Initiatives in Behavioral Health Settings

Track 3: Strategies to Support Community Integration

WE Can Save! : Asset Development Strategies to Achieve Economic Self?Sufficiency
• Michael Morris, JD – New York Makes Work Pay: Developing a path to employment for New Yorkers with disabilities
• Mary Shaheen – WE Can Save – United Ways and Financial Stability
• Oscar Jimenez – WE Can Save! Building Social Capital to Break the Cycle of Poverty and Psychiatric Disability: An Agenda for Asset Development Programming in New York State

WE Can Work! : Innovative Programs to Improve Employment Outcomes
• Lauren Gates, Ph.D. – Peer Providers and Traditional Staff Working Together Effectively: Understanding & Overcoming Challenges
• Oscar Jimenez – Together WE Can! A Peer Support Model to Build Social Capital and Improve Employment Outcomes among People With Psychiatric Disabilities in New York State

WE Can Go to School!
• Mark Salzer, Ph.D. – We Can Go To School: Education, Careers, and Economic Prosperity for Individuals with Mental Illnesses

Supporting Consumer Operated Programs in Promoting Community Integration
• John B. Allen, Jr., & Gary Shaheen, MPA – Growing and Sustaining Recovery Centers
• Joseph A. Rogers – Peer?run Services: A Model That Works

WE Can Parent!
• Katy Kaplan, M.S.Ed. – We Can Parent!
• Lorraine McMullin – Parenting With Psychiatric Disabilities
• Elizabeth Stone – Service Needs and Desired Supports For Parents with a Psychiatric Disability