Who We Are

NYAPRS is a statewide coalition of people who use and/or provide recovery oriented community based mental health services. We value difference and promote cultural competence in all aspects of our work.

NYAPRS is dedicated to improving services and social conditions for people with psychiatric disabilities or diagnoses, and those with trauma-related conditions by promoting their recovery, rehabilitation and rights so that all people can participate freely in the opportunities of society.

Accordingly, we act to:

Promote the concept and practice of mental health recovery;

Promote the widespread availability of quality recovery-centered rehabilitation and peer support services throughout New York State;

Promote the rights of people with psychiatric disabilities in the struggle against stigma and discrimination both within the mental health system and in the larger community

NYAPRS membership includes over 100 community mental health service agencies that support the efforts of tens of thousands of New Yorkers by providing a wide range of services that share a fundamental belief in the capacity for recovery, healing and independence for every individual with a psychiatric disability.

The New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services, Inc. (NYAPRS) is a 501c-3 not-for-profit organization. The NYAPRS Board of Directors and staff are comprised of a mix of recovering people and professionals dedicated to the people, principles, and programs that make up New York's mental health recovery and rehabilitation community. Through our individual and organizational memberships, we reach over 20,000 individuals who currently receive those recovery, rehabilitation and peer supported services.

Founded in 1981, NYAPRS has its origins in New York's clubhouse and social club community. Since then our aim has been to bring together and serve the needs of the broad spectrum of community based mental health recovery, rehabilitation and peer support services in New York. Accordingly, we have reached out to consumers/survivors and professionals associated with the state's Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation Treatment (IPRT) programs, supported employment and education, affirmative business services and other peer-driven rehabilitation and recovery support services. Our goal has been to help connect and unite these diverse groups, building on their shared dedication to quality recovery services.