Center for Excellence in Integrated Care (CEIC)

The New York State Health Foundation, in association with NYS Offices of Mental Health (OMH) and of Alcohol & Substance Abuse Services (OASAS), created CEIC - the Center for Excellence in Integrated Care - to improve outpatient services for New York State residents who are struggling with co-occurring mental health and substance use conditions.

NYAPRS is proud to be an implementation partner with The New York State Health Foundation and the National Development and Research Institute (NDRI) in the development and activities of the Center for Excellence in Integrated Care. 

CEIC has formed partnerships with the New York State Health Foundation, State agencies, Regional and County Leaders, Providers and Provider Networks, and Consumer Advocacy groups. At the center of these partnerships are persons with co-occurring conditions surrounded by their individual social networks (family and friends).

CEIC's primary goal is to increase the capacity of New York State's addiction and mental health outpatient clinics (more than 1,200 statewide) to provide integrated clinical care for people with co-occurring conditions. A message of the potential for recovery - of a life worth living beyond mental illness and substance use - is the keystone of these integrated services at the delivery sites and the basis for engaging individuals in services.

Clinical Care Objectives

Three clinical care objectives are contained within this goal-specifically, to implement:

  • a uniform and standardized approach to screening;

  • a domain (or component) approach to assessment; and

  • the use of selected evidence-based practices for integrated treatment

Anticipated Outcomes

The expected clinical outcomes are that all mental health and substance use outpatient service clinics will have implemented integrated screening, assessments and evidence-based practices consistently. At the State level, we anticipate a significant increase in the total number of programs that are capable of providing integrated services and that are "Culturally Competent."

Target Audience

CEIC's target audience is comprised of several groups. Heading the list are the people delivering services in over 1,200 mental health and substance abuse outpatient clinics in New York State. The administrators of the provider agencies that operate these clinics form another important audience for CEIC, along with Regional and County Leaders who provide a critical link between private and public sectors. Consumers, their families and significant others, are the central and most important group. In addressing these groups, CEIC promotes recovery-oriented, person-centered, and culturally competent services.


CEIC employs a system of established approaches to assist with implementation. These consist of Regional Leadership and Provider Implementation Forums, Learning Communities, Longitudinal Technical Assistance, "Training-of-Trainers" and web-based technologies. As we progress, we will adapt our approaches to the needs and circumstances encountered in each region and county.
For more information or to get more involved with CEIC, please visit the CEIC website.