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New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services, Inc.

194 Washington Ave, Suite 400
Albany, NY 12210
Phone: 518-436-0008
Fax: 518-436-0044

Harvey Rosenthal, Executive Director

Denise Ranaghan, Director of Peer Services

Administrative Division:

Human Resources

Eileen Crosby Negron, Office Manager

Julie LaFrano, Administrative Assistant

Isma Pervaiz, Administrative Assistant

Finance Division:


Community & Economic Development Division:

Len Statham, Employment Specialist
(585) 490-3979

Peer Services Division:

Maryam Husamudeen, Peer Support Specialist
(917) 837-1957

Services Transformation Division:

Edythe Schwartz, Director
(845) 216-9911

Ruth Colón-Wagner, Senior Projects Coordinator
(845) 796-6596

Larry Hochwald, Training and Technical Assistance Facilitator
(646) 634-8153

Robert Statham, Training and Technical Assistance Facilitator
(585) 255-0475

Perryn Dutiger, Training and Technical Assistance Facilitator
(845) 641-6242

New Choices:

David Ferencz, Community Outreach Specialist
(518) 937-6270

Colleen Sheehan, NCIR Statewide Trainer
(716) 863-8243