Alert: Please Support David Oaks's Recovery from Serious Injury!

NYAPRS Note: Since 1986, David Oaks has worked tirelessly to lead MindFreedom’s efforts to advance an international nonviolent revolution aimed at advancing the human rights and self determination of psychiatric survivors and mental health consumers.

He is currently dealing with a very serious injury. Please join others across the nation in today’s special day of prayer and positive thought for David and his family. Visit to learn more about how you can participate!
Here’s some background information from MindFreedom.


It is with some sadness that we write to inform you that our beloved David Oaks (tireless human rights activist and director of MindFreedom International) has recently suffered a serious accident.


On December 1st, 2012, David Oaks fell off a loft ladder while trying to retrieve Bongo (his cat) from a loft in his home office. An MRI as well as other imaging testing later showed he had broken the C7 bone in his neck. However, he could still move his arms and thumbs, and he soon underwent emergency surgery. The surgeon's report from that first surgery was positive, although David still needs a second stabilization surgery which he hopes to undergo soon.


David is now in the surgical ICU on a ventilator. He is awake, can understand what is said to him and can signal 'yes' or 'no' with two simple arm movements taught to him by his nurse as well as communicate with a clipboard. Even with the ventilator and all the other gizmos tied up to his body, he joked around enough that his nurse called him a "character". His doctors say that David seems to be very "determined."

Current expectation is that he will be in ICU, on a ventilator, for at least a week.



There are a number of ways that we can support David and his family:

  • Join or renew your membership in MindFreedom International at
  • Help support the work of MindFreedom. There are a number of active MFI campaigns right now that could use your support.Visit to see a list of relevant actions you can take right now on everything from the electroshock campaign to the I GOT BETTER campaign to MFI's newest effort, an expansion from Mad Pride Day to Creative Maladjustment Week (as part of our work as the IAACM - International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment).Let's take our passion for human rights in mental health care and make David proud while he's away.
  • OFFER SUPPORT TO DAVID AND FAMILY by sending cards, emails, letters, or any other communication to the MindFreedom office (much appreciated!). As things progress, they may also need help with medical expenses - we'll let you know as more details emerge.
  • Let's all support one another and use this unfortunate event as a motivating force to push our nonviolent revolution in mental health care even further!

    In support,

    MFI Board and Staff