Aug 9 SAMHSA Wellness Week Kick-off Webinar

NYAPRS Note: Following are some details around National Wellness Week, which will fall between September 17-21, 2012. See enews posting to follow detailing the variety of programs that focus on wellness at this year’s NYAPRS Conference which falls during this week, September 19-21.



National Wellness Week 2012 Town Hall 

Teleconference Kick-off 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

3 - 4:30pm EDT




  • Cardum Harmon, Campaign Manager, Alameda County's 10x10 Campaign
  • Cathy Cave, Consultant, Unlimited Mindfulness Consulting; Wellness Steering Committee member; and Cultural Competency and Inclusion Subcommittee co-chair
  • Matthew Federici, Executive Director, The Copeland Center
  • Nancy Gottlieb, Project Director, Sober Women and Healthy Families
  • And more...


Teleconference Overview:

You, your organization, and your community can help us improve quality of life and increase longevity for people with behavioral health challenges by getting involved in National Wellness Week as a part of SAMHSA's National Recovery Month in September.


In 2011, more than 100 organizations in 36 States including behavioral health and primary care providers, peer-run, faith-based, and other community organizations participated in National Wellness Week.


Second Annual National Wellness Week 

September 17-23, 2012 


Let's make 2012 even bigger. Join well-known peers and persons in recovery, as well as peer leaders, as they share personal experiences of incorporating the Eight Dimensions of Wellness into their recovery. They will also describe ways to celebrate and promote the second annual National Wellness Week!


Participants will have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions for National Wellness Week and ask the presenters questions.


Target Audiences:

  • Peers and persons in recovery, current and past recipients of mental health and substance abuse services, family members, and mental health and substance abuse organizations;
  • Peer-run organizations;
  • Community- and faith-based organizations that support people who have mental and substance use disorders;
  • Staff of State and county mental health departments;
  • Mental health providers;
  • Substance abuse providers;
  • Primary care providers; and
  • Anyone interested in helping to promote wellness, improve the quality of life, and increase life expectancy for people with mental and substance use disorders.


Learning Objectives:

During this teleconference, participants will:

  • Learn how to incorporate the Eight Dimensions of Wellness into their recovery, work, and lives;
  • Gain information about getting involved in National Wellness Week; and
  • Discover how the target audiences can work together to achieve the goals of SAMHSA's Wellness Initiative-to promote wellness, improve quality of life, and increase longevity for people with mental and substance use disorders.


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