BH: Nov 20 Post-Election Briefing and Online Meeting

First Post-Election Briefing and Online Meeting, November 20, at 4 Pm Eastern Time.


During the course of the Behavioral Healthcare Leadership Summit in September, many participants expressed interest in creating a learning community to share and learn more about leading organizations and services through many changes driven by health reform, the election campaign, and the unfolding of the Affordable Care Act in 2014 and beyond.

To that end, all Summit participants are invited to join in an online meeting on November 20 at 4 pm Eastern Time. In that meeting, we will:

-        Hear a post-election briefing, led by Ron Manderscheid, on the status of the Affordable Care Act, the Medicaid Expansion, and related policy challenges.

-        Ask for participants to volunteer their time and skills to help organize and drive a series of four learning events through the year. (Our call will facilitate discussion and participation, so you'll have an opportunity to speak up!)

-        Set learning goals and detail our progress so that we can review it at next year’s Leadership Summit. 

If you wish to join in, please:

-        RSVP to me,

-        Await login/teleconference instructions

-        Join us on November 20 at 4 PM Eastern Time


Thanks - I'm looking forward to the meeting!

Dennis Grantham


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