Don't Miss Nov 14 NYAPRS Financial Literacy Forum in Buffalo!

NYAPRS to Hold Western NY We Can Work / We Can Save Financial Literacy Forum

Mental Health Peer Connection  3108 Main Street in Buffalo, NY

Wednesday, November 14th 9:30-12:30pm.


This workshop is a fun, interactive 3-hour financial literacy workshop for people in recovery who receive SSI, SSDI, DHS or VA benefits, and their family members / supporters and for peer support providers / program staff.


People in recovery often find life dreams hidden below the poverty line by limited options for earning or saving while on benefits. Available work and saving plans like 1619a, PASS, PESS, EITC, CTC, 301 Voc Rehab, IRWEs, IDAs, 1619b, and Medicaid Buy-in are presented as options to increase earnings and savings toward greater financial wellness - and greater hope for achieving dreams.


The workshop includes news about the U.S. Dept. of Treasury transition from paper checks to electronic methods of payment for all federal benefits in 2013. Because multiple fees can be associated with accessing funds through electronic payment methods, this forum provides financial literacy education designed for those in recovery (and their supporters) to understand different electronic payment options to help avoid costly fees.


To register for the training contact Danielle at: (716) 836-0822 ext. 170.