Give Feedback re SAMHSA's Trauma and Trauma-informed Approach Definitions, Principles and Guidelines

NYAPRS Note: The following comes from SAMHSA’s Mary Blake and seeks public input on how to provide feedback on SAMHSA’s working definitions of trauma and a trauma-informed approach’s principles and the guidelines, which are now ready for public feedback through SAMHSA’s web site. 



Defining Trauma: Give Us Your Feedback

SAMHSA is now seeking input from the public on the concept paper, SAMHSA's Working Definition of Trauma and Principles and Guidance for a Trauma-Informed Approach.

For ease of review, the paper is divided into three sections:

Each section has a separate link and unique forum to provide comments and, if you wish, to vote on comment offered by others. You have up to 10 votes to endorse other comments, and you may revise your votes throughout the comment period.

The feedback forum will be open from the period beginning Monday, December 10, 2012, and ending at midnight Eastern Time on Friday, December 21, 2012. This forum will provide an open and transparent process for stakeholders to offer their comments about the definitions, principles, and guidelines, and also make suggestions for improvement.

Feedback received on the forum is an important part of the public dialogue on this issue. Your feedback will be carefully considered in the shaping of the definitions of trauma and trauma-informed approach, and the principles and guidelines of a trauma-informed approach.

Learn More About How SAMHSA Developed the Working Definition of Trauma


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