Health Home Program - Phase 2 and 3 SPA approval

NYAPRS note: This comes to us courtesy of NYS Department of Health. CMS approves NYS Phase 2-3 Health Homes.


We are pleased to announce that CMS today gave New York State verbal approval for Phase 2 & 3 Health Home State Plan Amendments (SPAs #12-10 & #12-11). Written confirmation will be forthcoming shortly.

Phase 2 Health Homes with executed Data Exchange Application Agreements (DEAAs) and Health Commerce System (HCS) access will receive information about member assignments within the next week.

Phase 3 providers should continue to update their partner network tables in their online application as soon as possible in order for DOH to complete the Health Home assignments for Fee-for-Service members. Managed Care Plans also will use this information for assignments.

Questions about Phase 2 and Phase 3 implementation can be directed to the Health Home mailbox at

The Health Home Team