MF: Participate in 'I Got Better' Campaign to Share Stories of Recovery & Hope

NYAPRS Note: MindFreedom International is launching a brand new campaign tomorrow, called I GOT BETTER. They’re counting on all of us to make this campaign go "viral:" this is a campaign of DEFIANCE in the face of all the hopeless messages that too many of us who have received mental health care get. Please circulate this survey out far and wide, because hope can save a life.


New MindFreedom Campaign Defies Hopelessness in Mental Health Care


Today, MindFreedom International launches the "I Got Better" campaign with an invitation for you to participate in this "Survey on Hope in Mental Health":


This brief, confidential introductory questionnaire takes less than five (5) minutes to complete. 


"I Got Better" is an ongoing project defying the all-too-common message that recovery from mental and emotional distress is impossible. The "I Got Better" campaign will make stories of recovery and hope in mental health widely available through a variety of media.


Your Participation Could Save a Life


Any and everybody with a stake in mental health in our society is welcome to participate, including people who have used mental health services, psychiatric survivors, as well as their friends, family members, colleagues, and mental health workers. Please share the survey link - - freely via email, facebook, twitter, blogs, etc.


Respondents to the survey wishing to share additional knowledge will be invited to take an optional follow-up survey about impressions of hope and hopelessness in mental health care, and successful strategies for recovery. Some survey respondents will be asked to share their story on video.


David Oaks, Director of MindFreedom International, said, "When I was in psychiatric care in college, I was told it was forever. Your experience of hope and hopelessness in mental health care could help youth and young adults receiving a psychiatric diagnosis for the first time. Hope could save a life."



The Story Behind "I Got Better"


The title of the campaign is inspired by the successful "It Gets Better" viral media effort led by columnist Dan Savage that "shows LGBT youth the levels of happiness their lives will reach." While these two campaigns are independent, Dan Savage has enthusiastically endorsed "I Got Better."


The "I Got Better" campaign is funded by a grant from the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care to MindFreedom International. MFI is an independent nonprofit coalition founded in 1986 to win human rights and alternatives in mental health. For more information contact, or call the MFI office at 541-345-9106.


To take the brief, confidential introductory "I Got Better" survey, which will be active through 15 October 2012, click here now: