NCMHR: Emotional CPR Participant Workbook Now Available

NYAPRS Note: The following comes from the National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery which writes that “eCPR is an educational program designed to teach anyone to assist another person through an emotional crisis by three simple steps of C=Connecting, P=emPowering, and R=Revitalizing. eCPR is based on the principles found to be shared by a number of support approaches: of trauma-informed care, counseling after disasters, peer support to avoid continuing emotional despair, emotional intelligence, suicide prevention, and cultural attunement. It was developed with input from a diverse cadre of recognized leaders from across the U.S., who themselves have learned how to recover and grow from emotional crises. They have wisdom by the grace of first- hand experience.”

Come learn more about eCPR from NCMHR’s Lauren Spiro at NYAPRS Annual Conference to be held September 19-21 at the Hudson Valley Resort in Kerhonkson, NY. For program and registration details, please go to


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Emotional CPR (eCPR) Update


It is a busy time for Emotional CPR! We have several upcoming trainings - in Texas, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Singapore (East Asia) and others in development.
To view a list of our upcoming trainings, click here.


We are happy to offer a variety of trainings to suit the needs of your community - whether you are looking for a short introductory workshop, an eCPR certification training to teach the philosophy and practice of eCPR, or a “Train the Facilitators” training to teach people how to conduct eCPR certification trainings. eCPR training can be tailored to suit the needs of peers, family members, law enforcement, or any group wishing to more sensitively and effectively respond to the needs of people experiencing emotional crisis and distress.


Please contact us if you are interested in holding a training in your area.


What people are saying about eCPR

We have a growing list of testimonials from people who have undergone the eCPR experience and note the ways in which it has transformed their relationship to themselves and others.


eCPR is an excellent way of reminding us of the importance of meeting people WHERE THEY ARE. It is about feelings - not about "fixing" or "repairing" because no matter what the problem, the person is not broken. I feel that eCPR is emotional common sense. Sometimes just having someone empathize and listen is better than the best medicines.

-Kim Openo, webinar attendee


When I first came to my peer support training, it was such a beautiful experience.  I met so many lifelong friends, and made so many connections, and felt so safe.  Since then I have made it to some wonderful trainings, but I haven't felt that kind of love again.  Until this week.  I hate to even call eCPR a “training.”  I feel like there should be another word for the experience.  Because it is truly a life changing experience, if you give yourself to it.  Getting back to that basic human self, that basic human emotion, is so powerful.  It reminded me when all I needed was someone to show their genuine heart, their true self, and stop and ask if I was ok.  I was begging for it, even screaming on the inside, but I couldn't speak the words.  Thank you for this beautiful reminder

-Erica Fritz, eCPR trainee


eCPR Resources

The eCPR Participant Workbook is now available for purchase on the web. Click here to order your personal copy!


New free resource! eCPR full color 8 ½ x  17 poster. Explains the basic principles of eCPR. Click here to download the poster.


If you missed this year’s “Introduction to eCPR” webinar, you can watch it by clicking here.


To access other resources and videos, please visit us at [].


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