NDI Needs Your Input: Federal Benefits and Debit Cards

In March 2013 all recipients of federal benefits will get their money delivered electronically.  This survey is for people who have already signed up and have an experience with the card.


Please share with the appropriate people.


For more info on Direct Express and GoDirect go to: http://www.godirect.org/


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Federal Benefits and the Direct Express MasterCard



Tell us about your experiences.

Image of a Direct Express MasterCardThere are over 2.5 million people nationwide who now receive their federal benefit payments (Social Security, SSDI, VA, SSI, Railroad Retirement Board, Department of Labor (Black Lung) and Office of Personnel Management benefit checks) on a prepaid debit card called the Direct Express MasterCard. National Disability Institute wants to share with Congress how consumers feel about these cards. If you or someone you serve receives funds using this card, we want to hear about your experiences. Tell us:

  • Did you choose to use this card? If so, why?
  • Do you keep better track of your money now than you did when you received paper checks?
  • Have you had any problems using the debit card?
  • Have you been surprised by any fees related to the card?
  • Do you keep track of the monthly cost to use the card?
  • Any other comments or issues you've had since using the card? 

Please complete our short Federal Benefits and Debit Cards Survey or you can email your comments to us at info@ndi-inc.org. Please submit your comments via the survey or email by July 31, 2012.


National Disability Institute will use your feedback to send suggestions to Congress to improve the system before March 2013, when receiving paper checks in the mail will no longer be an option for these federal benefits.


Please forward this email to anyone you know who may use the Direct Express MasterCard.


Thank you for you assistance in helping National Disability Institute improve the system for Americans with disabilities.

Michael Morris

Executive Director, National Disability Institute