Nov 1 Philadelphia Conference on MH Alternatives Features Copeland, Musante, Cohen

Creative Revolution Workshop: Mobilizing Our Healing Resources

Thursday, November 1 2012 from 11am-6pm

in Philadelphia, PA (at the Airport Marriott)

with Mary Ellen Copeland, Susan Musante, Peter Lehman and Oryx Cohen


Interact in person with leaders in the field of mental health alternatives

Learn about creating working alternatives to the oppressive practices of the mental health system

Share your thoughts and experiences at an open microphone and during small group discussions


The cost of the workshop is $50, which includes lunch. See below for registration.

Let’s work together to develop new, self-directed ways to HEAL OURSELVES!


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Mary Ellen Copeland

Mary Ellen Copeland lives in Vermont, USA. She is the founder of Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery and is a creator of WRAP (Wellness Action Recovery Plan), a plan for recovery that is in use around the world. Ms. Copeland is an educator and mental health recovery advocate, and the author of many self help resources including The Depression Workbook, Living Without Depression and Manic Depression, and WRAP: Wellness Recovery Action Plan.


Susan Musante

Susan Musante is from Alaska, USA. Susan is the Project Manager of Soteria-Alaska, a non-profit in Alaska whose purpose is to provide an effective, non-coercive alternative to traditional hospitalization for people diagnosed with serious mental illness. Ms. Musante is trained in both Mental Health and Vocational Rehabilitation, having worked in many aspects of both fields for many years.


Paul Lehman

Peter Lehmann is from Berlin, Germany. Peter is a psychiatric survivor and co-founder of several alternatives to the conventional mental health system. Peter is editor of Coming off Psychiatric Drugs, and the co-editor of Alternatives Beyond Psychiatry. Peter is an independent publisher, author and freelance activist of humanistic antipsychiatry.



Oryx Cohen

Oryx Cohen is from Massachusetts, USA. Oryx was the Director of the MindFreedom Oral History Project. He has helped develop peer support networks and works with hearing voices groups. He also founded the Freedom Center in Northampton, the Pioneer Valley’s only support/activist group run by and for people labeled “mentally ill.” Currently, he is the Technical Assistance Center Director at the National Empowerment Center. He is also an avid basketball player, golfer, hiker, and writer.



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