NYAPRS Collective to Offer Employment/Economic Self Sufficiency Learning Collaboratives in 2013

NYAPRS Collective Announces its Employment and Economic Self-Sufficiency Tool Kit

Learning Collaborative for 2013


Thanks to funding from the New York State Office of Mental Health, the NYAPRS Collective will be offering training and technical assistance to PROS providers in regional learning collaboratives around NY State, and to other providers via other formats. 

The Tool Kit provides comprehensive curriculum and resources that help people in recovery to consider and move towards employment and economic self-sufficiency.

These Learning Collaboratives will offer direct training and technical assistance in the use of the Tool Kit and its implementation in PROS programs.


Providers will receive:

  • Kick-off Webinar highlighting an overview of the tools.
  • 3 regional intensive capacity building sessions on using the curriculum in groups.
  • Technical assistance tailored to program needs.
  • Support in collecting and marketing outcome data


The technical assistance will feature our Provider’s Guide to Promoting Economic Self-Sufficiency: A Recovery-Oriented Approach which offers practitioners a recovery-oriented service framework, tools and curricula to work with people in recovery either in one-on-one or group settings.


Click here to view the Provider Guide Table of Contents and Introduction. (http://www.nyaprs.org/community-economic-development/we-can-work/documents/ESSproviderContentsandIntro.pdf).  


More information is also available at the attached Power Point.


Since this is such an important topic, the Collective will be offering more trainings to clinics, clubhouses, care managers, and consumers in the future.


To participate in this exciting series contact:

Len Statham, NYAPRS Employment and Economic Self-Sufficiency Specialist

(585) 490-3979  lens@nyaprs.org


Or go to www.NYAPRS.org for more information.