NYAPRS Training Collective Announces Hudson Valley Recovery Facilitator

NYAPRS Training Collective Announces

Immediate Availability: Hudson Valley Recovery Facilitator

Dedicated to Delivering Cutting Edge Training to Organizations and Programs Throughout the Hudson Valley


NYAPRS is pleased to announce that Colleen Sheehan, our Western New York Trainer since 2004, has relocated to the Hudson Valley and is available immediately  to support you and your staff  with cutting edge training and technical assistance to assist you in reaching your goals to provide services that will help realize the dreams of people to reclaim a meaningful life in the community.


Projects You and NYAPRS can engage in together include:

  • Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS) -program tours, technical assistance and training to support staff to acquire and implement recovery skills and resources in program design, tools to be fiscally viable.
  • ACT teams – facilitated development of WRAP plans to increase team wellness and outcomes.
  • Clinic, Residential, Vocational, Clubhouse programs- training to support staff to reframe recovery with most updated understanding and resources; WRAP, Advance Directives, Trauma and Cultural Competence
  • Educational partnerships with colleges and university programs to bring mental health recovery orientation, skills and resources targeted to class syllabus- including Wellness Recovery Action Planning, Person Centered Planning, Advanced Directives and Trauma Informed Care
  • Committee membership-brings the stakeholder view representing the recovery and rehabilitation paradigm shift through new knowledge, beliefs and values with a balanced respectful delivery.


Colleen’s personal experiences with the behavioral health system combined with her education, work history and knowledge of recovery tools, give her a unique set of skills that have supported our NYAPRS mission of sharing ways to enhance healing through mental health services.  Colleen’s  initial exposure to the role that mental health recipients can bring to the table as a stakeholder voice, began with training as a Recipient Associate Manager with the Buffalo Psychiatric Center. She also worked as the first full time Peer Case Manager in the Buffalo area.  Colleen has been with the NYAPRS Collective since Sept 2004 and  received her CPRP certification from USPRA in 2005.


Colleen and the rest of the NYAPRS team are available to support you on your transformation journey.  We will be reaching out to each of you in the Hudson Valley soon - but please don’t wait; we are immediately available to respond to your call.  You can reach Colleen Sheehan at 716-863-8243 or colleens@nyaprs.org. Please call to discuss how the NYAPRS Collective training and technical assistance services can support you in the Hudson Valley today!   


We are currently interviewing candidates in the Western region and will be providing a Recovery Facilitator in your area to continue the work that Colleen has been so ably involved in. Western and Central New York, stay tuned for the announcement of your new NYAPRS Training Facilitator! In the meantime, please continue to contact Colleen for your training needs.


As always, it is our pleasure to work with all of you and we look forward to joining you on your recovery transformation journeys.