Oct 2 Olmstead Public Forum Added; Give Input on Web Too

Today’s Olmstead video conference is currently underway, with a public Albany hearing tomorrow and a September 28th second statewide video conference to come. For more details, please go to http://www.nyaprs.org/e-news-bulletins/2012/mediaadvisoryNYAPRS.cfm.  


According to OPWDD Commissioner and chair of NY’s Most Integrated Setting Coordinating Council Courtney Burke, an additional hearing date will be added on October 2nd, location and time to be finalized soon.  


In addition, the Governor’s Office has created an Olmstead website which will allow suggestions for the plan to be submitted on-line and also provides registration and/or scheduling information on the various events (October 2nd’s event is not listed yet).  The link is: http://www.governor.ny.gov/olmsteadplan