OMH/OASAS Sept 6 Public Hearing at Regional Sites

Notice of Public Hearing


OASAS Statewide Comprehensive Plan 2012-2016
OMH Statewide Comprehensive Plan 2012-2016

September 6, 2012 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


NYS Office of Mental Health                                                      Buffalo Psychiatric Center

44 Holland Avenue                                                                    Room 2012

8th Floor Conference Room                                                        Strozzi Annex

Albany, NY  12229                                                                    400 Forest Avenue.

                                                                                                Buffalo, NY  14213-1298

Central New York Field Office  

NYS Office of Mental Health                                                      Rochester Psychiatric Center

Education and Training Building, Room 204                                 Auditorium

545 Cedar Street                                                                       Building 16 – Rehabilitation Center

Syracuse, NY  13210-2319                                                        1111 Elmwood Avenue

                                                                                                Rochester, NY 14620

South Beach Psychiatric Center

Room 626                                                                                 New York City Field Office

Building 9                                                                                 NYS Office of Mental Health

777 Seaview Avenue                                                                 Conference Room A

Staten Island, NY 10305                                                            9th Floor

                                                                                                330 Fifth Avenue                      

Pilgrim Psychiatric Center                                                         New York, NY 10001-3101

Room C-4                                                                                

Rehabilitation Center - Building 102                                          

998 Crooked Hill Road                                                 

West Brentwood, NY  11717-1087                                


Go to to register and submit comments.

OASAS and OMH are conducting the first-ever joint public hearing on their statewide comprehensive plans. The hearing will involve OASAS Commissioner Arlene González-Sánchez and OMH Commissioner Michael Hogan, who will receive input for consideration in the development of their respective Statewide Comprehensive Plans, anticipated integration of statewide planning efforts in the future, and ongoing planning initiatives. OASAS is also gathering input on its 2012 Outcomes Dashboard ( that will be considered in developing the 2013 Outcomes Dashboard.

Recent changes in Mental Hygiene Law give OASAS and OMH the authority to develop a joint Statewide Comprehensive Plan and Interim Report.  The two agencies are not developing a joint Plan this year, however this joint public hearing is a significant step in moving the addictions and mental health systems toward the delivery of more integrated services and the potential development of a single Statewide Comprehensive Plan for both agencies in the future.

Registration for any of the public hearing sites listed above is available at (  Given the number of individuals expected to want to testify, OASAS and OMH request that all input be received in writing. Individuals interested in being considered to present oral testimony should check the appropriate box using the online registration system.  Should time constraints not allow all who want to present oral testimony to do so, OASAS and OMH will have received all comments in writing, which will be reviewed in detail.  Individuals providing oral testimony are respectfully asked to limit their testimony to three minutes or less.

Please note that space is limited at some hearing sites. You must register in advance to attend the hearing. Registrations will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to these capacity constraints, organizations are respectfully asked to send one individual per organization to attend the hearing.

If you require any special accommodations to participate in the hearing, or have questions about the format, please contact Colleen Garrahan at or 518-473-3570.