Please Send Letters of Support for NYS Medicaid Waiver Proposal by Monday!

Please help New York put together a package of letters to transmit to CMS (the federal Medicaid agency) in support of New York's MRT 1115 Waiver Amendment!


As we’ve shared over a number of recent postings, the waiver includes a plan to reinvest anticipated Medicaid savings into a number of key priorities for NYAPRS members including:

  • $750 million for supported housing and related services
  • Millions for peer run service pilots, training and evaluation
  • $525 million to shore up health homes infrastructure, some of which may be used to plan to incorporate peer and rehabilitative services more fully into health home designs
  • $550 million for workforce retraining, including training that promotes recovery and cultural competence
  • $23 million for an extensive ombuds program to help inform, protect the rights and pursue complaints of Medicaid managed care beneficiaries

However, federal approval is far from guaranteed.  We will need to show the federal government that New York is united in support of this waiver amendment.  


The state is encouraging all willing organizations and individuals to send letters of support to them at by this Monday August 27, 2012.  


Please send your letter in support of the waiver proposal’s capacity to promote recovery, wellness and a life in the community, advance peer support, rehabilitation and cultural competence and protect the rights of beneficiaries.