Today's 7pm Webinar on New Directions in Mental Health and Recovery with Mary Ellen Copeland and Robert Whitaker

Upcoming Webinar:

"Changing Course: New Directions 

in Mental Health and Recovery"

with Mary Ellen Copeland

and Robert Whitaker

June 14, 2012 7pm- 8pm EDT

Join author and journalist Robert Whitaker and mental health educator Mary Ellen Copeland for this important webinar.

Robert Whitaker profileRespected and rigorous research is showing that mental health challenges are "episodic", which means that they go away over time. Psychiatric medications can cause long term health problems like diabetes, obesity, and sexual dysfunction. These problems do not necessarily resolve when the medications are no longer being taken, and the mental health issues may become more extreme than before.

Robert Whitaker will give an overview of his important book, Anatomy of an Epidemic. As he searched for answers to the troubling question of why the number of people with serious mental health challenges in the US had tripled over the past two decades, his investigation led to an intensive study of the merits of psychiatric medications and his documentation of the phenomenon that occurs when people who have been taking medications for a long time no longer take them. He found that they experience mental health challenges that are far worse than anything they experienced before they began taking the medications.

Mary Ellen Copeland will share her vision of a mental health system where people who reach out for assistance and support are first encouraged to use their own personal resources to find simple, safe solutions to their mental health challenges. She will speak specifically to the efficacy of using the evidence-based Wellness Recovery Action Plan as the initial and primary support on the journey to recovery.

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