TUC: Reporter Seeks College Students w Psych Conditions Who Was Forced into Leaving College

The Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion has been in contact with a reporter who is seeking out current and former college students with mental illnesses who are willing to share their experiences with her.

The reporter is specifically interested in students who have been coerced into leaving their academic institutions. She will ask you about:  your mental health history; how the university came to know about it; and why they either encouraged or forced you to leave college. She will also ask you to discuss what happened afterward, whether or not you ignored the college's advice to leave, and - if you did leave, how difficult it was to return to school?  

If you are interested in sharing your experiences please contact Kimberly Leonard her at email address: LeonardKimberlyL@gmail.com. The story will likely be published in The Atlantic and Kaiser Health News.