Watch Today's 11 am Olmstead Public Hearing on the Web

You can watch today’s public hearing which will feature live testimony from stakeholders who’ll be providing their comments around what should be included in NYS’ Olmstead Plan, which has received the strong support of Governor Cuomo and will include measurable targets by state agencies to move people and public dollars to help New Yorkers with disabilities to live and work in the most integrated community setting.

“Specific areas covered in the plan will include access to: integrated housing, integrated employment, transportation and community services. The plan will also contain information on assessment of needs, transition to community settings and diversion from institutional settings.”


Here are today’s Olmstead Public Hearing webcast links Windows Media  | Real Media Player


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In addition, the Governor’s Office has created an Olmstead website which will allow suggestions for the plan to be submitted on-line and also provides registration and/or scheduling information on the various events (October 2nd’s event is not listed yet).  The link is: