Alert: Urge NYS Legislators to Protect Choice, Self Direction, Community Focus in Medicaid Managed Care

NYAPRS Note: Please take action in accordance with the following alert from the Center for Disability Rights which urges NYS legislators to advance budget language that:

• restores Medicaid recipients’ right to fair hearings and aid continuing.

• incentivizes community-based services in managed care.

• makes self-direction in managed care the first choice.


As part of managed care implementation in New York, people with disabilities are losing important consumer protections. Help restore these consumer protections in managed care through the New York State budget process to assure that people with disabililities are able to live in the most integrated setting.

Take Action:

Managed care has the potential to reform how states provide long term services and supports and can transform the system so that it supports Olmstead implementation and our right to live and receive services and supports in the most integrated setting. Disability rights advocates have provided the state with specific recommendations which would assure that managed care supports people with disabilities in the most integrated setting and increases opportunities for self-direction. Instead of implementing these forward-thinking recommendations, the state developed policies that erode the rights of people with disabilities and potentially force people with disabilities into unwanted institutional placement.

We need managed care policies that:

- restore Medicaid recipients’ right to fair hearings and aid continuing;

- incentivize community-based services in managed care; and

- make self-direction in managed care the first choice.

Managed care does NOT have to mean the erosion of our rights and services, but it will not be implemented in a way that supports our right to live in the community if we don’t take action now. It’s up to us to ensure that managed care is implemented the right way! The proposed budget has language to assure adequate payment to nursing facilities. Tell our legislators to support our independence and freedom in the community as part of the budget!

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