CMS Approves NY Long Term Care, Foster Care Children's Managed Care Proposals

NYAPRS Note: CMS has approved New York’s waiver applications to extend managed care to the ‘long term health care population’ and to foster care children.

We are pleased to announce that CMS approved the pending amendment to the 1115 waiver (Partnership Plan and FSHRP). With this approval, the state will start to move the long term home health care waiver population into Managed Long Term Care and Mainstream Managed Care plans. For dual eligibles over 21 in NYC, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties , the transition activities will start this month. For Medicaid only recipients in the waiver, the transition will occur statewide and will start this month as well. In addition, approval was also granted to move Foster Care children placed in the community by the local districts into mainstream managed care. The Department recently hosted a webinar on both transition populations and will be releasing a question and answer document shortly on specific implementation details .