Correction: Magellan Issues Peer Support Whole Health & Wellness Newsletter (with Active Links)

Magellan Peer Support Whole Health & Wellness  Fall 2012


Welcome to the first issue of Magellan's Peer Support Whole Health and Wellness e-newsletter! This is just one of our new resources designed to help you improve your health through peer support, whole health planning and working toward wellness. This e-newsletter will be produced quarterly and will include articles about Magellan's Peer Support Whole Health and Resiliency initiative, along with links to resources you can use. From time to time, we also will feature personal stories of how Magellan's Peer Support Whole Health and Resiliency initiative has affected people's lives. Our Arizona (Maricopa County), Iowa, Florida, Nebraska and Pennsylvania programs have activities going on, so you will hear about these as well. Sharing successes and ideas is one way to promote the growth of our initiative. We hope you enjoy this first issue! We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions. Please contact us at Thank you!


Mind-Body Resiliency: A New Role in Prevention for the Peer Workforce in Whole Health By Larry Fricks, Director, Appalachian Consulting Group The most common definitions of "resiliency" include "returning to an original state" or "an occurrence of rebounding or springing back." But in the emerging field of mind-body medicine in integrated physical health and behavioral health, resiliency - especially in the domain of stress management - is taking on the theme of "prevention," primarily relapse prevention but also prevention of mind-body disease. Allow me to use my own lived experience of recovery to explain. Read more


Magellan's Peer Support Whole Health and Resiliency Initiative: An Overview Since Sept. 2010, more than 400 certified peer specialists have been trained in Peer Support Whole Health (PSWH) through Magellan's partnership with Appalachian Consulting Group. Grounded on the original core beliefs, the PSWH model has been refined to incorporate additional elements related to resiliency and is now called Peer Support Whole Health and Resiliency (PSWHR). Learn about the new model and about stating goals with IMPACT. Read more


Magellan Health Literacy Tools Available One of the greatest needs in promoting good health for people is education about how to live well with different health conditions. This sometimes is called health literacy. Magellan has created five new resources designed to improve health literacy as part of our Peer Support Whole Health and Wellness toolkit. These easy-to-read materials address specific aspects of how to manage your health, including learning how to relax. Read the new health literacy tip sheets:

Cholesterol and Lifestyle

Diabetes - Keeping Active

Fast Food Tips

Managing Your Weight with Healthy Eating

Learning to Relax