Don't Miss Feb 7 NYAPRS Webinar w Dale Jarvis: Preparing for NYS Healthcare Reform!

NYAPRS Note: Dale Jarvis is one of the nation’s smartest, most sought consultants whose prophetic vision of where our behavioral healthcare systems are going has helped infuse innovation and success and has driven the discussions at numerous national conferences over the past 5 years.

Thanks to NYAPRS’ Medicaid Redesign Learning Collaborative, you won’t have to travel any further than to your phones and computers to hear Dale, who will be a featured speaker at a series of upcoming MRLC webinars, starting with the one this Thursday at 1pm.

Dale has written a new policy paper specially designed for New York and MRLC members entitled ““How to Prepare for Healthcare Reform the New York Way”, which will drive his presentation this Thursday. Don’t miss it!


Here’s the program description from NYAPRS’ Edye Schwartz:  

Does anyone really understand how healthcare reform is unfolding in New York with the emerging system of HMOs, BHOs and newly renamed, Health and Recovery Plans or HARPS (formerly SNPs)?

How will these new structures operate and what are the implications for behavioral health providers and people who use behavioral health services? Certainly, some answers to these questions will be decided by the State, but much will be based on how local systems of care organize themselves. It’s both a confusing and exciting time.

Join us as we:

  • Understand in plain English how the Medicaid HMO/BHO/HARPs designs will unfold in New York City and upstate;
  • Learn about the four generations of managed care in order to assess how prepare for and influence the local managed care design in your community; and
  • Explore the concept of a Health Neighborhood and why the development of these neighborhoods is in the critical path of health reform for New Yorkers with behavioral health disorders.



Thursday, February 7th 2013


“How to Prepare for Healthcare Reform the New York Way”


This is a special NYAPRS Organizational member benefit!

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The Agenda for the February 7th, 2013 webinar is as follows:

  • Welcome, Review of Day’s Agenda: Edye Schwartz
  • State Health Home Advocacy/Informational Update: Harvey Rosenthal
  • Presentation“How to Prepare for Healthcare Reform the New York Way”

Dale Jarvis, CPA, Dale Jarvis and Associates LLC. Seattle, Washington

  • Questions & Answers


Dale Jarvis is the founder of Dale Jarvis and Associates LLC, a Seattle-based consulting firm. Mr. Jarvis has extensive experience helping health plans and healthcare providers redesign their organizations to achieve better health for the populations they serve, better care for individuals, and reduced costs. He has contributed articles to publications and is a co-author of two books on healthcare system redesign.  Mr. Jarvis has been a certified public accountant in the State of Washington and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants since 1982.

Currently Mr. Jarvis is focusing on healthcare reform to help ensure that the needs of persons with mental health and substance use disorders are addressed as reform unfolds. This includes working with states, health plans, regional authorities, and at a national level to develop strategies that align the mental health and substance use safety net systems with general healthcare reform efforts.



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