Feb 28 Webinar: Peer Involvement in Integrated Recovery Oriented Care (BRSS TACS)

Peer Involvement in Integrated Physical and Behavioral Health Services: Promoting Wellness through Recovery-Oriented Care


Peggy Swarbrick, Ph.D., OT, CPRP Institute for Wellness and Recovery Initiatives, Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey

Deborah Strotz, MPA Four Corners Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration (PBHCI) Program

Marty Adelman, CPRP Council of Community Clinics

Jill Reiss, MPH Council of Community Clinics

Lucia Montiel Council of Community Clinics

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February 28, 2013, 1:00-2:30pm Eastern Time

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Integrating behavioral health and physical health care improves access to both primary care and behavioral health services. People with mental and substance use disorders often have co-occurring chronic medical conditions and complex health needs. Physical illnesses adversely affect quality of life and recovery, as well as relationships, employability, and participation in community life. Fully integrated medical and behavioral health care establish effective linkages between physical and behavioral health services within a single location.

The purpose of this webinar is to outline the principles of recovery-oriented integrated health care and to discuss the roles of peers in integrated health services. The webinar will strive to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Emphasize the role of health and wellness in recovery from mental and substance use disorders
  2. Present information about the role of peers in recovery-oriented integrated health services
  3. Promote an understanding of a recovery-oriented system of health care
  4. Present examples of innovative integrated health services supported by SAMHSA’s PBHCI program

Who should attend

Policy-makers, system and program administrators, providers, and people in recovery who want to learn more about recovery-oriented integrated health care

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