HHS, SAMHSA to Fund Alternatives 2013

NYAPRS Note: Great thanks are due to the federal government’s decision to once again fund this year’s Alternatives conference, a seminal longtime annual event that has helped launch and nurture the nation’s recovery movement, and to all who wrote in to urge that this event go forward. Alternatives has more than paid for itself in the federal, state and local savings generated by recovery focused policy development, services and supports. Stay tuned for details about Alternatives 2013. See the following letter below:


“Thank you for your letter concerning the Alternatives Conference. I am writing on behalf of Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Administrator Pam Hyde, and Center Director Paolo del Vecchio in response to the email you sent. As you know the Alternatives Conference has been sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration for more than two decades. During this time thousands of mental health consumers and persons in recovery from substance use disorders have been involved in the planning and convening of the meetings. Their active participation has made the conferences successful and meaningful for persons newly diagnosed with a mental illness or substance use disorder or for those who have lived with these problems for many years.


Similar to many states that are carefully scrutinizing expenditures during these economically challenging times, the federal government is doing so as well. We have been exercising extreme care in the oversight and approval of all federal activities, including conferences, meetings and other government sponsored events.


The provisions of strength, hope and recovery have been a hallmark of this conference and your letter provides another instance of the personal impact of the meeting.


Thank you again for your personal expression of support for the Alternatives Conferences. There has been a decision and the SAMHSA funds for the conference have been approved. We look forward to your continued support as the planning for the conference evolves.”


Fran Randolph
Director Division of Service and Systems Improvement