June 27 National Strategy on Suicide Prevention Webcast, Materials

NYAPRS Note: The following comes to us thanks to SAMHSA’s Dennis Romero.

Greetings all,


This Thursday, HHS Region V (Office on Women’s Health and SAMHSA) will host Everyone Plays a Role in Suicide Prevention: Turning Strategy into Action in Chicago and here in Region II, Office On Women’s Health and SAMHSA extend an invitation to you and/or your staff to participate here in Region II as we will participate as an echo site for this event.  Dozens of echo sites across the country will be joining in to hear from some of the nation’s top suicide prevention experts.  Our event will begin at 9:30 with opening remarks and the webcast will start at 10:00 am - Noon.  The focus of the webcast will review the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention.  Following the webcast, from 12:15 to 1:30 pm we will host a panel of local experts who will engage  in a discussion on the current activities on suicide prevention and explore how we can better work together-crossing silos-to prevent suicide within the populations that we serve.


If you are not in the immediate NYC area, you can select to register for the webcast only.


For your information, I am including the following resources/materials relative to the upcoming event:

  • Flyer for Region II echo site
  • Basic facts about suicide (CDC)
  • Summary of CDC's 2010 suicide surveillance data, including rates by various ages and racial and ethnic groups, and rates and rankings of states
  • Suicide rates by HHS regions
  • State suicide rates and rankings among the elderly and young, 2010
  • How You Can Play a Role in Preventing Suicide (NSSP Fact Sheet)
  • Overview of the NSSP
  • Top 10 reasons for visiting the Suicide Prevention Resource Center web site
  • List of selected SAMHSA and SPRC materials for ordering or downloading


Finally, I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Sandra Bennett-Pagan from the Office on Women’s Health for reaching out to me to explore ways we could collaborate in this upcoming event.





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