NYAPRS Collective offers Free On Site Training and TA

NYAPRS Note: In this time of constant change one thing remains unchanged. The NYAPRS Collective is available to offer New York State mental health managers and staff the support and guidance to assist you in delivering state of the art, recovery based, person centered, culturally competent, trauma-informed services throughout your agency.

Our training and technical assistance facilitators are located throughout the state to assure that we can personally visit each of you in your program sites to offer our trainings, in

Len Statham lens@nyaprs.org to promote employment and economic self-sufficiency services and supports

The Collective’s web pages are chock full of timely information: check out http://www.nyaprs.org/conferences/ for the materials for last year’s Executive Seminar and PROS Implementation Academy and don’t miss the opportunity to register for this year’s Exec Seminar, “Mastering the Opportunities in Healthcare, Olmstead and Budget Reforms in New York State”, to be held April 25 and 26th at the Hotel Albany. Register Today at https://registration.nyaprs.org/

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NYAPRS Collective Provides Free Personalized Training at Your Program Site

The NYAPRS Collective is devoted to increasing organizational and program level systems transformation among OMH licensed and funded programs through intensive, on-site training and technical assistance. This year, The Collective has prioritized its work with PROS and Mental Health Clinic providers to assist you in implementing recovery-oriented evidence based practices and quality standards for licensing and certification. Of course, we still continue to work with housing, club, in-patient and employment providers as well. Our training and technical assistance initiatives are offered at your site and are developed with your specific program needs in mind.

The NYAPRS Training Collective is fully staffed and available to provide you state of the art training and technical assistance to assure that your services are person centered, recovery based, trauma informed and culturally competent.Our training and technical assistance facilitators are located throughout the state and are ready to schedule a time with your program now. They are:

Emily Grossman for NYC and Long Island, emilyg@nyaprs.org ;

Mike Dorr for Western and Central New York, miked@nyaprs.org ;

Colleen Sheehan for the Hudson Valley, Colleens@nyaprs.org , and

Len Statham, our Employment and Economic Self Sufficiency Specialist who travels throughout NYS, llens@nyaprs.org .

In these times when outcomes are so important, we have seen that efficient and effective service provision ensures that you can meet certification guidelines and still be fiscally viable. In order to successfully implement new established program guidelines and meet managed care requirements, a foundation in recovery tenets is essential.

Let us help! Start with our initial Recovery trainings:

Looking Through the Recovery Lens-Let us introduce your staff to the power of recovery based service provision. Recovery happens and this training explores the research that proves it, personal experience that lives it, elements in relationships that nurture it and skills that foster it.

Building a Recovery Oriented Program-You and your staff all believe in recovery based services but how do you implement them and still stay fiscally viable? This training will help you to assess your program’s capacity across specific dimensions and develop concrete implementation strategies for improvement.

Building Recovery Supportive Relationships-Let us demonstrate what research has proven, that the biggest factor in supporting individuals in the recovery journey is the relationship with someone who believes in them. Make sure everyone in your program can be that person!

Assure that your programs meet the highest standards possible by giving your staff the tools they need for successful service provision. Call now and receive recovery trainings free of charge and specially tailored to your agency needs. Trainings include those above as well as Trauma Informed Care, Advance Directives, WRAP, Cultural Competence, Employment and Economic Self Sufficiency and more.

Contact one of our trainers in your area directly or e-mail edyeschwartz@nyaprs.org for more information or to schedule a training. Also, check out this link on our website http://www.nyaprs.org/services-transformation/collective/training.cfm for a full listing of trainings available to you.

Stay tuned for lots more training opportunities coming this year to help your programs and services flourish.