OMH Requests assistance with survey for exempt staff

MRLC and NYAPRS Members: Attached is a letter from OMH alerting us that The NYS Department of Education has extended the deadline to complete a survey of staff that are exempted from licensure in certain programs until January 10, 2014. This concerns the exemption that OMH and some organizations have in exempting Social Workers, Psychologists and Mental Health Practitioners from the requirement to be licensed in order to work within the program, until July 1, 2016. They are looking for the number of staff who are currently working within our system in positions that would otherwise require licensed practitioners if the waiver was not in place in order to assure that they can accurately determine the impact of continuing the exemption. The link to the survey can be found on the OMH letter. You are receiving this email because you are member of NYAPRS membership email list or the MRLC Membership list. If you wish to unsubscribe, please send an email to mary at<mailto:mary at>.