OMH to Release Regional Centers of Excellence Plan on July 8

Update on Regional Centers of Excellence

Dear New Yorker:

I would like to thank the nearly 2,000 consumers, youth, family, providers, staff and community members who participated in the OMH Regional Centers of Excellence Listening Tour. During this tour you offered comments, creative suggestions and concerns to consider as we developed our Plan. Each one has been carefully considered as we work to strategically position the mental health system for the future.

It is critical that we take the time to get the OMH Regional Centers of Excellence Plan done right. I have requested and been granted additional time to ensure that the Plan meets the criteria I shared with you. This will result in a Plan that is:

  • Good for the adults, children and families we serve.
  • Built from the strengths of the OMH.
  • Multi-year and provides predictability for consumers, families, counties and our workforce.
  • Supportive of our workforce and offers both continuity of employment and value to the behavioral health system.

The Office of Mental Health is looking forward to releasing our Regional Centers of Excellence Plan on July 8, 2013. Again, I appreciate your participation and patience.

Kristin M. Woodlock, RN, MPA

Acting Commissioner

New York State Office of Mental Health