PEERS Radio features WRAP Series

PEERS Radio features WRAP Series


 PEERS is a consumer-run organization that inspires hope and contributes to the resiliency and well being of mental health consumers through a not-for-profit commitment to compassion and excellence in eliminating mental health disparities. PEERS Radio archives provides you with episodes of PEERS' original "Mental Health and Wellness Radio" podcasts. A listing below highlights their WRAP series.


What is WRAP?
The Wellness Recovery Action Plan is a plan that was developed by people with mental health challenges. It helps people manage their own mental health and wellness. But it can be applied to various parts of life and even business. The book is written by Mary Ellen Copeland. To get a basic understanding of WRAP, host Jenee Darden interviews BJ North, International Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator and Mentor.

Bringing WRAP and Mental Health Awareness to Ghana
There are 22 million people in the Ghana, But mental health services are dire. Only 3 psychiatric hospitals and roughly 12-14 therapists are available to those in need. Inhumane treatment of people with mental illness continues to be a serious issue. Host Jenee Darden speaks with WRAP facilitator Wali Mutazammil. He is working to bring hope and mental health awareness to his country through WRAP. Mutazammil is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and CEO of Transformational Development Consortium.

WRAP for Sex & Mental Health
Two topics that may seem unrelated, but actually coincide with each other are mental health and sex. After all, the brain is the biggest and most powerful sex organ. Audrey Garfield talks about the WRAP and sex discussion group she facilitated at the WRAP Around the World conference.

How WRAP Can Help with Hoarding and Clutter

Can't seem to throw things away? Are you or someone you know living in an extremely cluttered environment? People who love WRAP, Wellness Recovery Action Plan, say you can use it for anything to better your life. That includes hoarding or severe collecting.