Press Conference Announcement: Advocates and consumers tell NY State reinvestment from hospital closures must be based on recovery

N E W S     A D V I S O R Y


Consumer Advocates Tell Policy Makers, Public Tomorrow:

Focus of State Mental Health Services Redesign

Must Be on Promoting our Recovery in the Community


Contact:    Glenn Liebman, MHANYS 518-360-7916

                      Briana Gilmore, NYAPRS 518-436-0008


WHAT:      Statewide representatives of New Yorkers with psychiatric disabilities will come to Albany tomorrow to back OMH plans to consolidate 24 state hospitals into 15 regional centers and to urge that mental health reform must focus on redeploying the workforce and reinvesting mental health dollars to fill the cracks and strengthen community recovery systems of care. They will urge that the ‘jobs should follow and support’ recovery in the community.


WHEN:      Noon   Tuesday   July 16, 2013


WHO:         Carla Rabinowitz, NYC          Maura Kelley, Buffalo

                         Kathryn Cascio, Albany         Stephanie Orlando, Albany

                                         Others To be Announced  


WHERE:   LCA Room 130 Legislative Office Building Albany