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Thank you to all who attended our 4th Annual PROS Implementation Academy! We hope that you enjoyed the timely and informative workshops and plenary sessions, which you can now view on our website ( as well as below. Thanks to all that helped make this year's Academy a success!

The New York State Office of Mental Health and the NYAPRS Collective Present the

4th Annual PROS Implementation Academy Holding the Torch for Recovery in Healthcare Reform November 21-22, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

9:30am- 11:00am ~ Plenary Session PROS is on the Menu: Opportunities for PROS in Managed Care<> Robert Myers, PhD, NYS Office of Mental Health, Albany, NY PROS has taken a rehabilitation and recovery approach and placed it in an active service setting. The program continues to grow as evidenced by the nearly 80 PROS programs currently licensed and a few others in the PROS implementation process. Dr. Myers and staff will discuss the opportunities for PROS providers as New York State carves all behavioral health services into a managed care environment.

Workshops Round I ~11:15am - 12:45pm

Dialogue with PROS Program Leaders: How Can we Work Together to Increase Employment Outcomes for Consumers Enrolled in PROS Programs?<> Paul Margolies, PhD, Gary Scannevin, Jr., MPS, CPRP, Thomas Jewell, PhD, Raymond Gregory, BS, CAC, Lisa Dixon, MD, MPH & Karen Broadway-Wilson, Center for Practice Innovations, New York, NY Jill Dorsi, Liam McNabb, & Douglas Ruderman, LCSW, NYS Office of Mental Health, Albany, NY Len Statham, MS, CBP, NYAPRS, Rochester, NY This workshop will provide an opportunity for OMH, NYAPRS, CPI and PROS program leaders to discuss together how we can increase employment rates for individuals enrolled in PROS programs. Please plan to join us for what promises to be a lively, creative and important brainstorming session.

Trauma-Informed PROS Services<> Naomi Weinstein, Coalition of Behavioral Health Agencies, New York, NY Tami Gatta, Goodwill Industries, New York, NY Moderator: Emily Grossman, MA, NYAPRS, New York, NY The workshop will include a brief presentation about clinical and programmatic aspects of trauma for people enrolled in PROS, followed by roundtable discussions to strategize about what each program can do to create a more trauma-informed environment. Participants will leave with a preliminary plan for making their program more trauma-informed. Recommendations for additional tools and resources will also be made available.

Challenge and Opportunity Topic: Meeting the Triple Aim for Managed Care: Quality Improvement Initiatives in PROS Shawn Sabella, Behavioral Health Services North, Plattsburgh, NY Chacku Mathai, CPRP, NYAPRS, Rochester, NY Approaches to data driven, quality management in PROS are more important than ever, especially as our community prepares for an integrated and managed care environment. A focus on the Triple Aim of improving the experience of care, population health and reducing costs is recognized as a central priority for PROS programs. Join us for an interactive, facilitated dialogue about the challenges and opportunities involved in developing quality improvement initiatives in PROS.

Workshops Round II ~ 2:00pm - 3:30pm

PROS Standards of Care: What Are They and How Do We Measure Up?<> Liam McNabb & Mike Holley, NYS Office of Mental Health, Albany, NY Carol Sabatino, Western New York Field Office, NYS Office of Mental Health, Buffalo, NY Moderator: Colleen Sheehan, CPRP, NYAPRS, Woodstock, NY Presenters will review the highlights of recent PROS Regulatory Changes and the final draft version of the PROS Standards of Care which will be utilized as the basis for PROS licensing surveys. The presenters will also discuss the protocols for future licensing visits including use of the tracer methodology and scoring.

Engaging Diverse Communities in PROS<> Lenora Reid-Rose, MBA, Nathan Kline Center of Excellence in Cultural Competence, Coordinated Care Services, Inc., Rochester, NY John Javis, Mdiv, MHA of Nassau County, Hempstead, NY Angela Yeung, Psy.D., Hamilton-Madison House, New York, NY Presenters will share their experience with engaging and supporting diverse communities in PROS. There are a number of ways PROS programs can successfully engage underserved communities across New York State. Come to this workshop to learn about how PROS can be better prepared to engage and support a diverse community or specifically outreach and maintain involvement with specific cultural or ethnic groups in need of PROS services. Organizational and programmatic assessment tools will also be provided for use in PROS programs.

Challenge and Opportunity Topic: Narrative Summaries and Goal Setting in PROS<> Amanda Saake, LMSW, CPRP<>, Coalition of Behavioral Health Agencies, New York, NY Clinton Green, Mental Health Association of NYC, Harlem Bay Network PROS, New York, NY This interactive dialogue will explore how to use assessments, narrative summary, person-centered planning, and innovative groups to work with participants in setting meaningful goals. Practical tips and program examples will be provided. Participants will have an opportunity to practice these techniques during the session.

Workshops Round III ~ 3:45pm - 5:00pm

Integrating Health and Wellness in PROS: Innovations in Tobacco Cessation Programming<> Amanda Saake, LMSW, CPRP, Coalition of Behavioral Health Agencies, New York, NY Susan Friedlander, LCSW, NYC Field Office, NYS Office of Mental Health, New York, NY Courtney Policano, LMSW & Deena Smith, LMSW, Institute for Community Living Inc., East NY PROS, Brooklyn, NY This workshop will present program level recommendations from the New York City Tobacco Dependency Treatment Initiative, a collaboration of PROS programs, OMH, and a tobacco dependency treatment expert. Tips will be given about how to implement these recommendations in other PROS programs, with examples from one of the participating programs.

Building Curriculum for PROS!<> Naomi Weinstein, Coalition of Behavioral Health Agencies, New York, NY Sandra Bono, Transitional Services for New York, Inc., TSINY PROS, Jamaica, NY Len Statham, MS, CBP, NYAPRS, Rochester, NY PROS programs use skill-oriented groups as a key tool to promote rehabilitation and recovery. One of the best ways to offer a skill-oriented group is to use curriculum. This workshop will review some of the issues involved with using curriculum that is challenging PROS programs across the state, and will introduce a process that agencies and clinicians can follow to develop their own curriculum.

Challenge and Opportunity Topic: Marketing for PROS in Managed Care: Reaching New Populations Edye Schwartz, DSW, LCSW-R, NYAPRS, Mahopac, NY Mike Dorr, NYAPRS, Phelps, NY In order for PROS to become a recognized set of services in a broader menu of healthcare options, understood and highly valued by managed care organizations, we will need to consider a new framework for a PROS marketing approach. Join us for this interactive, facilitated dialogue session that considers a series of important questions that will be the building blocks for PROS to emerge as a recognized source of support for people working on behavioral health issues. Participants will also have the opportunity to share creative marketing strategies that are already on the move and making a difference in their communities.

Friday, November 22, 2013

8:45am - 10:00am ~ Plenary Session Envisioning PROS in Managed Care: Building the Model Together Paul Margolies, PhD, Center for Practice Innovations, New York, NY Naomi Weinstein, Coalition of Behavioral Health Agencies, New York, NY Edye Schwartz, DSW, LCSW-R, NYAPRS, Mahopac, NY Chacku Mathai, CPRP, NYAPRS, Rochester, NY This interactive plenary session will get everyone involved in addressing key issues in preparing for managed care and move towards building a PROS model as a community. Facilitators will offer brief opening remarks about essential and system transforming elements of PROS and facilitate small and large group dialogues that everyone will have the opportunity to contribute to. Join us for this important opportunity to envision, create and build as a community charged with keeping the torch lit for recovery in healthcare reform and managed care in New York State.

Workshops Round IV ~ 10:15am - 11:30am

Supporting Recovery for People with Co-Occurring Mental Health and Addiction Issues <> Nancy Covell, PhD, Forrest Foster, MSW, CPRP, Luis Lopez, MS, HSBCP & Paul Margolies, PhD, Center for Practice Innovations, New York, NY Christina Mango, LCAT, FEGS Bronx PROS, Bronx, NY Moderator: Mike Dorr, NYAPRS, Phelps, NY This workshop will introduce PROS programs to the Learning Collaborative methodology for implementing key components of integrated treatment for people with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. We will highlight the work of the current PROS Learning Collaborative in improving a program's capacity to provide stage-wise treatment. Participants will hear from other PROS programs about how they developed implementation plans, challenges they faced, strategies they used to successfully adapt their program to implement stage-wise treatment and the benefit of working with other PROS programs in a Learning Collaborative.

Managing Risk While Supporting Recovery in PROS: Quality Assurance and Medical Necessity Matthew Crave, LCSW <> & Sharon Bellinger, CPRP<>, Rehabilitation Support Services, Albany, NY Honora Stephan, LMSW, CPRP,<> & Tracy Falkner, LMSW<>, Federation of Organizations, West Babylon, NY Moderator: Edye Schwartz, DSW, LCSW-R, NYAPRS, Mahopac, NY There are a number of administrative and programmatic practices involved in risk management that may or may not be recovery-oriented. PROS programs need to address risks in a number of areas, including quality assurance, corporate compliance and medical necessity, and the framework for how to do this in PROS is slowly emerging. Presenters will share the practices/processes for utilization review, monitoring Individualized Recovery Plans (for signatures and quality), and reviewing outcome data in a continuous effort to improve quality. Presenters will offer their experience with creating systems for these priorities as well as how to regularly review program documentation for billing and quality improvement and work closely with program staff to identify risk factors and respond in a way that supports recovery.

Challenge and Opportunity Topic: Working with People Who are Mandated or Justice Involved in PROS Rebecca Briney LMSW, Lori Schatzel, MSW, & Wendy Vogel, MPA, NYS Office of Mental Health, Albany, NY Chacku Mathai, CPRP, NYAPRS, Rochester, NY PROS offers the opportunity for those of us with psychiatric disabilities in New York State to pursue and achieve life roles that are personally meaningful, self-directed and based on a restored sense of purpose and inclusion in community. For people who are either mandated to services, involved with the criminal justice system and/or under some form of community supervision, this opportunity may not seem within reach. Join us for this interactive, facilitated dialogue to review and consider the challenges and opportunities we have in PROS to engage and support people in these circumstances to experience a message of hope, empowerment and a renewed sense of purpose and community through PROS.

Workshops Round V ~ 11:45am - 1:00pm

Integrating Physical Health and Wellness in PROS John Javis, Mdiv<>, MHA of Nassau County, Hempstead, NY Sally McGarrity, LCSW, CCM,<>Clubhouse of Suffolk, Ronkonkoma, NY Moderator: Emily Grossman, MA, NYAPRS, New York, NY This workshop will feature presentations from two PROS programs on their new initiatives to integrate physical and behavioral health. Workshop attendees will learn about the benefits of integrated care, such as improved communication between medical and behavioral health staff, and is demonstrated to yield improvements in health problems such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes and behavioral health issues such as substance use and depression. Workshop attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions and consider ways to implement the recommended strategies in PROS programs.

Integrating Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) in a PROS Setting<> Matthew Rynkiewicz & Alison Peretti, LMSW, Genesee Mental Health Center PROS, Rochester, NY This presentation will highlight the basics of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and how to integrate DBT with PROS services in order to support participants on their road to recovery.

Challenge and Opportunity Topic: Integrating Peers in the PROS Workforce! Luis Lopez, MS, HSBCP, Center for Practice Innovations, New York, NY Chacku Mathai, CPRP, NYAPRS, Rochester, NY Colleen Sheehan, CPRP, NYAPRS, Woodstock, NY The importance of peer support to the recovery process is gaining national recognition. Come join us for a dialogue about working with peer run organizations in your area as well as incorporating peers hired to work in PROS as equal members of the PROS interdisciplinary team.