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In June 2011, NYAPRS began a learning community to assure that our members were armed with necessary information to fully participate in Health Home activities and to make sure that services could respond to the quick changing health care environment developing as a result of first, the Affordable Care Act and then later, Medicaid Redesign.

Now, two years later, our behavioral health system continues to be in an enormous time of change.  New service delivery models are being developed to address the need for quality, integrated services at reduced costs. These models will serve as the foundation for our future healthcare system and as behavioral health providers we must position ourselves to be recognized as highly qualified partners. The Medicaid Redesign Learning Collaborative is here to help you become the best that you can be and to assure that recovery oriented service design and delivery takes center stage in our new health care system. As a NYAPRS member, this special NYAPRS Member only benefit will allow you to travel no further than to your phones and computers to hear nationally sought after speakers and New York experts from around the State. If you are not a NYAPRS Organizational member join now at


Below are the upcoming MRLC webinars:

June 18, 2013-12:30pm-2:00pm. Alternate Payment Methods. Presenter: Dale Jarvis, Consultant.  Dale Jarvis and Associates, LLC.

With changes in our health care system come changes in our revenue streams as well as changes in how we bill for and access that funding. What we have been used to, fee for service, is disappearing as a mechanism to reimburse behavioral health. This webinar will explore the different ways that Medicaid and other payers will be reimbursing us for service delivery and offer some strategies for assuring you are ready for the change.


July 23, 2013-1:30pm-3:00pm. Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care. Presenters: Peter Trout, MPA, CRC, Chief of Services and Mary Baker, LMHC, Director of Case Management, Behavioral Health Services North, Colleen Florio, PhD., Director of Care Management Initiatives & Evaluation, Adirondack Health Institute, Karen Ashline, Northern Adirondack Medical Home, Dr. Jeanie Tse, Associate Chief Medical Officer, Institute for Community Living.

The time for talking about integrated services has passed and the time for implementing them is now. This webinar will bring you two approaches in two different and distinct regions of New York that have integrated behavioral health and primary care in innovative ways. Join us as we explore the strengths and challenges in integrating care.


August 22, 2013-1:00pm-2:30pm. Integrated Services and the Development of Team-based Care. Presenters: Rachel Solotaroff, MD, Medical Director and Leslie Tallyn, MA, Director of Quality and

Compliance, Central City Concern, Portland Oregon.

How do we break down the barriers to integration and start to truly work together in the delivery of new and innovative recovery oriented services? Join us as we hear from an exciting agency in Portland Oregon, who began as a small agency responding to a gap in their local continuum of care and have grown to become a successful model agency for true integration. One of the factors in their success is their use of Team-based Care to drive planning and decision making and service delivery. Hear how this new and exciting method works for them.


September 24, 2013- 1:00pm-2:30pm. National Health Care Update. Presenter, Linda Rosenberg, President and CEO, National Council for Behavioral Health.

Linda will bring her national perspective on health care reform and the Washington advocacy that it requires, to her home state of New York. Always an advocate for improving our delivery system, Linda will share challenges and success stories across the Country in positively implementing health care reform and the ACA.


October 18, 2013- 2:00pm-3:30pm. Transformational Leadership.  Presenter, Arthur C. Evans, Jr. Ph.D. Commissioner, Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility.

Services change can be difficult for everyone and the changes we are going through with Medicaid Redesign and health care reform are massive. Leading an agency through massive change takes a special kind of leadership, a new way of thinking “on your feet” and an ability to be flexible and inclusive. If we want our health care system to transform, we all must learn to be transformational leaders to guide us through the process. Change occurs when we feel that the change will be positive, that it is possible and that it will be supported. Make sure that your leadership style is up to the challenge that lies ahead.

As our guest, please listen to our May MRLC webinar presented May 2013:


How Will Health Homes and Managed Care Best Fit Together?

Greg Allen, Director, Division of Financial Planning and Policy Office of Health Insurance Programs, NYS Dept of Health

Robert Myers, PhD, Senior Deputy Commissioner, NYS Office of Mental Health

Karen Smith-Hagman, VP Medical Management, EmblemHealth



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