SAMHSA Free Webinar: Strengthening Employment Opportunities for People in Recovery

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SAMHSA, Brining Recovery Supports to Scale Technical Assistance Center Strategy (BRSS TACS).

Strengthening Employment Opportunities for People in Recovery


Madeline Neighly, JD                National Employment Law Project

Jackson Davis, CASAC              Center for Community Alternatives

Cheryl Gagne, ScD                        Center for Social Innovation     







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December 12, 2013, 1:00-2:30pm Eastern Time

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Over the past couple of decades, supported employment has emerged as an evidence-based practice for improving the work rates of people living with mental illness. In the past couple of years, supported employment has been used to help people with substance use conditions as well. Supported employment programs work with individuals to help them get the skills and supports they need to be successful and satisfied in work environments of their choice. The elements of supported employment align well with recovery principles and have the potential to help people with addiction who lack vocational experiences and skills needed to succeed at work. Supported employment programs work with employers and community members to advocate for employment opportunities for people in recovery. Through advocating for employment opportunities, these programs collaborate with communities to improve the vocational outlook for people in recovery.

This webinar will present information about:

  1. The vocational needs of people in recovery from mental illness and/or addiction
  2. Barriers to employment experienced by people in recovery
  3. Employment and recovery
  4. Principles of supported employment
  5. Models of employment support for people in recovery
  6. Top 5 concerns of systems/programs considering implementing supported employment

Who should attend

State, territory, tribe, and county-level mental health and substance use disorders treatment/recovery systems administrators, consumers and people in recovery, behavioral health providers, peer providers, providers of other health and human services (primary health care, housing, employment), policymakers, and researchers.

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All BRSS TACS webinars are recorded, closed captioned, and available for viewing at your convenience. Visit the BRSS TACS webinars page to access the archived webinars.

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