Sept 25 NYC City Hall News Conference to Call for Crisis Intervention Teams

The Communities for Crisis Intervention Teams (CCIT) will call for creation of specially trained crisis teams that can respond to “Emotionally Disturbed Person” calls. Too many mental health recipients are being mistreated and even killed by untrained police officers.


The CCIT will introduce a Council resolution calling for creation of crisis intervention teams and extensive training of police officers by mental health recipients and other experts. Crisis intervention teams have been successfully deployed in hundreds of communities across the U.S. But not in NYC!


Who should attend: every mental health recipient, family member, providers, and people who believe in civil rights; whether you have been mistreated by police or have positive stories to tell of how police can interact with our community.


Day:   Wednesday

Date:  September 25, 2013

Time:  12 P.M.

Place:  City Hall Steps, Manhattan


Questions, contact Carla Rabinowitz at: 212-780-1400 x7726


Trains:   4, 5, or  6 to Brooklyn Bridge

2 or 3 to Park Place

J  or  Z   to Chambers Street

R  to City Hall