Alert: Please Sign Petition for MH Check-Off Now!

NYAPRS Note: In an effort to decrease the stigma that surrounds our community, we’re urging folks to sign the petition encouraging Governor Cuomo to sign S.632A, which would create the “Mental Illness Anti-Stigma Fund.” See below for details, as well as the petition link, and act fast – the Governor only has until Saturday to make up his mind!


Advocates from across New York State are continuing to pressure Governor Cuomo to sign the landmark mental health public awareness tax check off bill which would create the “Mental Illness Anti-Stigma Fund,” to be paid for by a tax check-off box which would appear on NY State income tax forms. To date, thousands of phone calls have been generated and over 750 people have signed on to a petition just started a few days ago by Senate sponsor, David Carlucci. The Governor has till this Saturday to sign or veto this legislation. Let your voice be heard by signing on to the attached petition.