CPI Offers Timely Employment Resource Book

NYAPRS Note: The Employment Resource Book is a terrific comprehensive, action-oriented guide developed by the Center for Practice Innovations and Columbia University that will provide strong support to help folks with mental health conditions to prepare for, find, or retain employment. Colleen Sheehan and Ruth Gonzalez, NYAPRS’ current and former Collective team members respectively, contributed to this important resource.


Topics include:

  • Prior to Job Search
    • My decision to work
    • Talking with family and supports about work
    • My hopes and concerns about working
    • My personal strengths and job preferences
    • Important things to consider about my mental health
    • Things to consider if I am using substances like drugs and alcohol
    • What if I have had legal problems?
    • Important things to consider if I am a parent
    • What if I have physical health issues?
    • Medications and side effects
    • Finding work without a high school diploma
    • Working and my benefits
    • Work and my schedule preferences
    • Figuring out what I would like to do for work
  • During Job Search
    • Developing my specific work goal                                           
    • Developing a plan and finding a job
    • Applying for a job
    • Disclosure and deciding what to say about my background
    • Preparing for the job interview—The basics 
    • Preparing for the job interview—Answering questions and asking questions
    • How do I explain gaps in my work history? Or having several brief jobs? Or being an older worker?
    • What to do when I’m offered a job—Talking about a start date and pay
    • What are reasonable accommodations, and what’s the best way to request one?
  • After Getting a Job
    • Dealing with my concerns when I’m starting a new job
    • Transportation to and from work
    • Talking with people on my first few days of the job              
    •  Important considerations for the first month of a new job                 
    • Contacting supports when the job becomes challenging   
    • Workplace protections—What are my rights as a worker?
    • Talking with employers about getting a promotion or a raise
    • How do I know if I want to end my job? And how do I appropriately end a job?
    • Planning for my next job and/or developing a career path