URGENT: Oppose Senate Passage of Repeal of Key ACA Provisions!

The Senate is expected to vote later today on a budget reconciliation bill that will repeal key provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)  and numerous Medicaid provisions authorized by the law. 

A budget reconciliation bill requires only a simple majority to pass in the Senate.  The Senate bill is expected to be broader than the House bill that repealed the Prevention Trust Fund, the employer and individual responsibility provisions,  and various tax and other provisions.

A number of amendments are expected to be offered today including a comprehensive amendment from the Senate Majority Leader  McConnell (R-KY) which is expected to roll back the Medicaid expansion to adults up to 133% of poverty , the extra federal matching funds provided to the states for the expansion, and the increased federal matching funds for the Community First Choice Option, among numerous other provisions. 

The Community First Choice Option gives states an extra 6% of federal matching funds for states that take the option to provide comprehensive community-based serves as an alternative to facility-based services.

Please contact your Senators immediately and urge them to oppose the repeal of key provisions of the Affordable Care Act and the Medicaid provisions. Voted are expected to begin THIS afternoon.

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