With Great Thanks on the Retirement of Mary McLaughlin

I don’t know if there’s a one of you out there in the greater NYAPRS e-news universe who hasn’t received an email, calendar invite, announcement or phone call from NYAPRS’ Mary McLaughlin.


After 18 years of great service to the NYAPRS and greater community, Mary will be retiring at year’s end. Throughout all of these years, she has been a stalwart at so many of our key events, especially our yearly Legislative Day, Annual Conference and other special events.


Mary has been the face and voice of NYAPRS for so many, always treating all with such kindness, respect, patience and affection. And, across almost 2 decades, she has been a major support for our Board, our staff team and to me, the latter being no easy job. J


So many have expressed their love for Mary…..and Mary has loved us all back in kind. She has especially loved seeing and supporting all of you who come together with such passion, power and positive spirit at our annual Legislative Day. And so, at her own request, she will be at her familiar perch behind the welcoming desk one last time next February 23rd to welcome and support you for the day ahead.


I know our Board spoke for so many of you when they honored and thanked Mary with a special Lifetime Achievement Award at last September’s conference. We will long miss you Mary and wish you a wonderful, well-deserved retirement in Colorado.


If you’d like to thank her personally, you can her a message at mary@nyaprs.org.