AP: NYS Becomes First State to Restore Medicaid 30 Days Before Jail/Prison Discharge to Individuals with Serious BH Conditions

NYAPRS Note: New York State is now the first state in the nation to restore Medicaid benefits to individuals with serious behavioral health conditions and AIDS 30 days before leaving prison or jail.

This landmark achievement will great improve discharge planning and help countless individuals to avoid needless relapses and re-incarcerations.

NYAPRS members joined with colleagues from the Legal Action Center and MHANYS to help advocate for this major advance. Great thanks are due to Assembly members Daniel O’Donnell and Richard Gottfried and to Senator Kemp Hannon and to Governor Cuomo for making history here.

NY Gov. Cuomo: Give Medicaid To Inmates Prior To Release

By Associated Press April 29th 2016

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- New York's governor is seeking federal approval to extend Medicaid coverage to inmates who face serious health challenges immediately before they're released from prison.

Andrew Cuomo's office announced Friday that the state is the first in the nation to make such a request.

The Democratic governor says too many inmates leave prison with serious mental health and addiction challenges and that helping them get the care they need improves their chances of successfully re-entering society.

The proposal would enroll inmates with significant health problems in Medicaid 30 days before their release and ensure they have health coverage as they return to their homes.

The state expects the change will ultimately save money by helping ex-offenders get treatment early, before they're forced to go to an emergency room.