Capital Tonight Looks at Minimum Wage Hike's Unfinished Business

NYAPRS Note: Capital Tonight is Albany’s go to nightly policy TV news broadcast and last night’s show featured a very timely interview with MHANYS’ Glenn Liebman on the unfinished business left over from the approval of a minimum wage hike for the lowest paid members of nonprofit workforce over the next 5 years…that is, the need to raise salaries of the workers above them accordingly.

NYAPRS will be working within a broader nonprofit coalition to press for increased funding, whether it comes in the form of increased salaries or a broader COLA. According to the Human Services Council, nonprofits have not received an across the board COLA for 5 consecutive years, which they view as a !0% reduction that has saved the state approximately $350 million.

Here’s the link to that interview.

Capital Tonight April 25, 2016

“The state approved a higher minimum wage in this year's budget, with downstate slowly increasing to $15 an hour and upstate reaching $12.50 by 2022. Non-profits fought to make sure that they were included in any wage hikes. But, the issue now is how everyone else's pay will be impacted. For example, if someone in the mental health workforce in Albany makes $12.50 right now, will their salary be increased along with those who are making the current minimum wage? Glenn Liebman from the Mental Health Association of New York State joins us to talk more about this.”