Contribute to the NYS Mental Health Tax Check Off Now!

NYAPRS Note: New York State Tax Forms are out for 2015 filings, and we are very pleased that there is now a box available to check off a charitable contribution to the Mental Illness Anti-Stigma Fund. The fund, created late last year, provides an easy way for New Yorkers to donate to essential mental health educational programs and services. Thanks again to Glenn Liebman at MHANYS, whose work on this issue was instrumental in bringing it to fruition.[cid:image003.png at 01D15A87.419BA820] Check Off On Your NYS TAXES! Landmark legislation was passed in 2015 making New York the first State in the country to include Mental Health Public Awareness as a voluntary contribution on its State Income Tax Forms. Monies raised from this tax check off will benefit millions of New Yorkers who must fight the stigma of mental illness. Whether you fill out your income tax electronically or by paper, please consider contributing to this worthy cause. Over the years millions of dollars have been raised for several worthy causes in New York’s charitable check offs. It is our turn now to use the check off to add funding.

Send a message that we as New Yorkers will not accept the stigma and discrimination of people with mental illness.