HSC's Sesso to Head Nonprofit Challenges Panel at NYAPRS April 21-2 Executive Seminar: Register Today!

NYAPRS Note: The Human Services Coalition has just released a controversial “Call to Action” that underlines the many serious challenges that human services nonprofits face going into the uncertainties of Medicaid managed care including higher rates of insolvency, underfunded government rates, low salaries that cause many employees to depend on safety net programs, inadequate investment in facilities, chronic delays in contract payments, multiple and redundant regulations and audits and unfunded mandates. At the same time, the report emphasizes that human services providers need to greatly expand their own management and risk assessment capacity.

This timely report has generated considerable discussion and debate on what it’ll take for recovery focused behavioral health providers to best navigate through today’s uncertain waters, both in NYS and nationally. Accordingly, NYAPRS is very pleased to feature a panel on “Overcoming Challenges for Behavioral Health Nonprofits: From Survival to Success” that will be headed up by HSC executive director Allison Sesso at our April 21-22 Annual Executive Seminar in Albany. Our Seminar prides itself on ensuring that “everyone is in the room” when we come together to discuss the breaking trends and candid challenges we currently face. Please make sure you’re in that room by registering today!



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New featured speakers will include:
Ruth Shim, Lenox Hill Hospital

Becky Vaughn, Vice President of Addictions, National Council

Douglas G. Fish, Office of Health Insurance Programs, New York State Department of Health

Virna Little, Institute for Family Health

Jeff Olivet, CEO, Center for Social Innovation

Tom Hill, Senior Advisor to the SAMHSA Administrator on Addiction and Recovery
Ron Manderscheid, one of the nation's leading mental health change agents

Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren, pioneer of the nation's first mental health court

Allen Daniels, College for Behavioral Health Leadership

Jason Helgerson, NYS Medicaid Director
More speakers to be announced early next week!

For more information about this event, please visit us online at www.nyaprs.org,or call our office at 518.436.0008!


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