Invasion or Innovation: Peers in the Workforce; June 28 DTW Webinar

NYAPRS Note: The webinar below that will look at factors promoting or jeopardizing the integrity of true peer support is being sponsored by Doors to Wellbeing, the nation’s newest SAMHSA funded National Consumer Technical Assistance Center that has been established by the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery.

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Invasion or Innovation: Peers in the Workforce

Doors to Wellbeing National TA Center

Tuesday, June 28th 11am PST, 2pm EST

Rita Cronise is the Acting Director of the InterNational Association of Peer Supporters, (iNAPS) the leading peer organization dedicated to supporting the growth of the peer specialist in today’s behavioral health workforce.

In this webinar she will share what she has learned – both the positive and the areas that still need work – as well as the best way to address the part of the process that gets in the way of a successful utilization of the peer workforce.

She has seen the power of welcoming peers as a powerful innovation that serves to empower individuals in reclaiming their lives as well as the problems that occur when clinical staff see peer specialists as unwanted invaders.

She will detail and address issues that need to be recognized and addressed in order to embrace the peer specialist into the recovery-based work environment in a manner that allows a mutually supportive workforce.